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National Library of Spain 2014 scholarship

The National Library of Spain aims to collect, preserve and disseminate bibliographic, artistic, musical, audiovisual and digital heritage produced in Spain and generated about Spanish culture. To achieve these goals, library, aware of the importance of the training of young professionals as a fundamental pillar for the development in the field librarian, has approved a scholarship program aimed at training, specialization, development and research intended for graduates College.

the purpose of these scholarships is to promote and improve knowledge about the collections, library processes, the services provided to users and other own activities of the function that must comply with the National Library of Spain.

total, summon 22 fellowships for qualified college and classified into eighteen types and each one of these types are required, in addition to the General requirements, specific requirements. 22 scholarships will be awarded to applicants who obtain higher scores within each of the eighteen types of referrals.

grants will be designed to train specialists in:

to) conservation and protection of bibliographic Collections.

b) technical process of antique and modern collections.

c) technologies for the documentation.

d) exhibition and Museum funds diffusion.

e) archival.

f) cultural management.

g) communication.

h) computer science.

all scholarships will be held at the headquarters of the BNE in Madrid, except for one of them to be held at the headquarters of the BNE in Alcal√° de Henares.

beneficiaries will have the guidance, training and follow-up of a guardian belonging to the corresponding area of the institution. A diploma will be delivered to grantees that have fulfilled the full training period since joining up to the date of completion of the same.

applicant requirements to) national or Spanish nationals of any Member State of the European Union. In the latter case it shall have a high knowledge of the Spanish language.

b) possess any of the degrees, of degree or Bachelor's degree required in each of the modalities of annex I (in accordance with Royal Decree 1393 / 2007, of October 29, which establishes the planning of official university education), issued by Spanish universities, as indicated on each kind of scholarship, either of equivalent foreign titles approved by the Ministry of education, culture and sport, on the date that the deadline for submission of applications is complete.

c) have not exceeded the 35 years of age, on the date that ends the deadline for submission of applications, and have completed the studies leading to the award of the title of degree or degree in one of the five academic years prior to the date of publication of this call.

d) be in possession of knowledge specified for each scholarship in Annex i.

e) do not suffer from disease that prevents the development of activities and obligations subject to the grant.

f) not found in any of the prohibitions laid down in article 13 of law 38/2003 of 17 November, General subsidies.

the deadline for submission of applications is 15 working days from the day after the publication of this resolution in the official bulletin of the State.

the individual amount of the scholarship will be 1,085 euros gross per month. Payments will be made prior favourable report from the responsible tutor, by monthly payments overdue by the proportional amount to grant effective time, getting the record of payment upon receipt of the report.