National Fund for food aid for authors

If you have questions about this aid arises, please visit the official source and ask your questions directly to the center.

All the poets residing in the State of Oaxaca (Mexico) to participate in the first edition of the FONDAAA (National Fund of food aid for authors) scholarship is summoned.

FONDAAA scholarship is a non-profit initiative of a group of artists at the national level who wish to support literary creation and dissemination.

FONDAAA scholarship consists of a food support for authors, representing the payment of meals (breakfast and lunch in any catering or dining room) for 3 months, anywhere in the State of Oaxaca.

the aim of this grant is to support authors in their basic needs, such as food; In addition to promoting literary creation and dissemination.

the creditor of the scholarship only is committed to comply with the project for the dissemination of their own work which has to be developed during the three months of duration of the scholarship.

order to participate need to:

be Oaxaca or minimally have three years to be based on the entity.

presenting a paper that is exclusively of poetic creation, with extension 40 pages minimum and maximum of 60 with free theme. User ID to sign the document.

send a project of at least 3 pages where raised 15 possible dates as a minimum, to the dissemination of his work during the 3 months. (Each month of the project should be supported with material printed, photographic, video or documents evidencing the dissemination of his work) Dissemination possibilities are open and unrestricted, which may be, for example: readings and presentations in schools, public spaces, squares and gardens; houses of culture, artistic events, exhibitions of books, museums, galleries, radio, television, loudspeakers, performance, etc.

attach to the same mail your details: full name, place and date of birth. Send copy of elector or official photo identification credential. The identification must be issued with minimally 3 years in advance in the case of the based on the entity. Everything must be sent as attachment to email before October 15, 2012.

the jury is composed by prominent members of the cultural and literary world at the national level.

any unforeseen will be resolved by the jury.

the first edition of the FONDAAA scholarship will be delivered within the framework of the 2nd International Festival of literature “ABASTO DE LETRAS” that will take place during the month of November in the Central of supply of the city of Oaxaca.

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