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Music spoils 2014 Foundation scholarships

The Botín Foundation understands that facilitate the training is the best way to help artists who want to make music their profession and for this reason Announces scholarships for studies in music.

music of the Botín Foundation scholarships are intended for higher-level studies and courses for graduates, or equivalent training, interpretation, composition and direction (musicologists and teachers can apply for scholarship through the call for university studies). The scholarship will have a maximum duration of one year, being able to present to new calls for its extension, up to a maximum of five.

the requirements to be eligible for these scholarships of music are:

- be natural and resident of Cantabria, or live at least five years immediately preceding the application for the scholarship.

- Have a maximum of 25 years for instrumentalists, 28 for voice, conducting, and composition.

- Do not enjoy another scholarship or simultaneous support for the same concept (except Erasmus supports).

- Prove good record of studies. The qualification of the specialty, in the previous year, should be notable at least.

the scholarship endowment will vary according to the destination of the same, between 12,000 euros for Spain and 18,000 for use abroad. 

requests must be accompanied by the following documentation:

size photo card. Academic record of all courses. Curriculum and working for improvement and training equivalent memory. Accreditation and acceptance of centres and/or teachers, (may be later).  Photocopy of the VAT Certified Neighborhood or registration, prior to 2009.  Overseas students must accompany the scales of equivalences of notes in the respective countries and equal treatment with those established by the Ministry of education and culture to the Spanish conservatories. Interpreters must point out two pieces of different style, of the level of the corresponding course, performing in the hearing test. Composers must submit two works for selective consideration by the jury, with certificate of authenticity from the teacher. Orchestra and Choir Directors must submit a video with the performance of two works and certification of its authenticity, except for the first course. The video must be submitted indicating a link URL from where viewed and/or downloaded.

Foundation offers a free accompanist pianist candidates who wish it, including two previous trials of 45 minutes each and hearing test. For this purpose it is necessary to present, before the end of the term of request, photocopy of the sheet music to interpret. The accompanying pianists will be Itziar Aguirre, Rosa Goitiay Silvia Carrera.

applications can be submitted until April 25 and of hearing test will be Saturday, June 14. The award will be released starting June 16.