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Monbukagakusho Mext postgraduate scholarship

The Government of Japan, as well as the previous call for undergraduate studies, also summons the Monbukagakusho Mext scholarship in this case for postgraduate studies, aimed at the realization of postgraduate studies in Japanese universities. Applicants must submit a research project. In case of getting the grant, you should develop that work under the guidance of a professor at a University in Japan during the first period, along with an intensive Japanese language course. Once approved in both instances, the fellow has the option to apply for a master's programme by two or later a doctorate, if approved the college selection processes.

these scholarships are aimed at graduates of undergraduate, professional in general, graduates of the final year of an undergraduate career Racing for higher studies with a duration of at least 4 years. Good academic performance, clarity in studies to propose will be valued and consistency with previous academic development. They must, moreover, being born after April 2, 1980 and have good level of English.

candidates will be called to perform tests of English and Japanese at the Embassy of Japan on August 7 in Schedule to confirm (likely to be modified date). Based on the results of the tests of language, will be called to who are shortlisted to a personal interview before a Commission at the Embassy on August 11 in Schedule to confirm (likely to be modified date).

the candidates pre-selected by the Commission will be recommended by the Embassy to the Ministry of education of Japan to continue in the selection process. You have been preselected in Chile does not mean obtaining the grant. It only indicates that the candidate can continue in the competition.

the deadline for sending applications is closed at noon on July 18, 2014 hours.