Mobility between Andalusian universities and Latin America scholarships

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Scholarships of mobility between Andalusian universities and Latin America is an initiative that is part of the programmatic performance of promotion of the postgraduate and doctoral studies, included in the Plan of action of the Association Universitaria Iberoamericana de postgraduate AUIP. The program is sponsored by the Andalusian Council of universities and the Ministry of innovation, science and business of the Junta de Andalucía.

this program funds scholarships for international mobility between Andalusian and Latin American universities associated with the Ibero-American University Association for postgraduate AUIP. 

the fundamental purpose of these scholarships is the foster all those proposals that help the iberoamericana University cooperation in postgraduate and facilitate the establishment real of an “Ibero-American area of higher education” with an important presence of the Andalusian universities:

facilitate the mobility of students for the development of programs of postgraduate and doctorate or research related to these.
Facilitate the meeting of academics and researchers.   
Promote the exchange of institutional experiences in the development of postgraduate and doctorate programs.   
Promote the revision and curricular setting of academic offerings.
Design, project and launch joint research projects.   
Facilitate the completion of internships and academic stays that contribute to a more effective cooperation between the institutions.

scholarships are addressed to

teachers and researchers
Managers of postgraduate and doctorate programmes
Postgraduate and doctoral students.   
Interested in pursuing master’s degrees or doctorates.

1. The scholarships are of two types. The applicant must opt for one of the two modalities:

grants to cover the international transfer up to a maximum amount of 1,400 euros

scholarships for subsistence, where the trip is already funded by another route, or the applicant desired, up to a maximum amount of $ 1,000 in a single payment.

2. Both the University of origin and destination must be active members of the AUIP and be up to date in the payment of their annual Association fees.

3. Travel must begin before January 31, 2014.

4. The stay may not be less than one week

5. It will be necessary condition to be eligible for scholarships that applications have direct relationship with studies of postgraduate and doctorate in any field of knowledge.

6. To aid applicants must make preliminary institutional contacts and agree on the work agenda.

the selection Committee will consider 2 deadlines for receipt of applications:

up on February 28, 2013.
Until September 30, 2013.

selection of candidates shall be communicated within 30 days following the close of application deadlines. The listing will appear on this page and will be notified personally selected through electronic mail.

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