MIR, FIR and EIR courses scholarships

If you have questions about this aid arises, please visit the official source and ask your questions directly to the center.

AMA, grouping Mutual insurer, announces 75 scholarships to help new health professionals in the preparation of their various specialties during the year 2012 / 2013. 50 Scholarships for the subsidy of the preparation courses will be allocated to consideration of internal medical resident (MIR), 15 for exam preparation courses of pharmacist Interno Residente (FIR) and 10 for the examination of nurse domestic resident (EIR), courses in the national teachers centres.

the amount of each of these scholarships will be of a maximum of $ 3,000 in the case of MIR courses, €2,000 for courses FIR and 1.600 € for courses EIR, devoted exclusively to costs of teaching given in the year 2012 / 2013.

the deadline for submitting applications ends on February 11, 2013.

participation in this promotion is done through the website of AMA by filling in all the data requested in the form prepared for that purpose.

can fill in the participation form all graduates in medicine or pharmacy and diploma in nursing, as well as students of last year providing for finishing their studies prior to the date of the draw and not have been the beneficiaries of these grants in previous editions. An indispensable condition for the allocation of scholarships will be presentation of certificate of studies or proving title, as well as the validation of non-Spanish titles.

for the purposes of the draw only are considered as valid forms of participation which had been filled in all required fields in a truthful way. A form will be only admitted per participant.

participants who do not meet all the requirements listed in these rules not be entitled to any prize.

once finished the period of participation in the promotion, among all those graduates in medicine or pharmacy and nurses who have completed the requested data, carried out a draw before a notary for the award of scholarships.

the draw will be held on February 13, 2013 to determine the awardees of the scholarship. The drawing will be held in Madrid.

the notary must be randomly removed fifty names among the contestants for the scholarship M.I.R., fifteen names between the contestants of F.I.R. and ten names among the E.I.R. contestants, as well as other fifty, fifteen and ten alternates between contestants for M.I.R., F.I.R and E.I.R scholarshipsrespectively, that can substitute any of the bidders in the event any of these not satisfying the requirements of the bases.

the names of the lucky ones will be published on the AMA web on February 15, 2013, taking until March 5, 2013 to present DNI or NIE, diploma or certificate, in case of non-Spanish titles is essential validation, attesting to the completion of studies and invoice or certificate of the Center where the exam preparation has been made indicating the total amount of the same.

the lucky ones will come to sign the document that accredits them as awardees of the scholarship at the headquarters of the mutual.

if any of the successful tenderers renounced the scholarship, this would automatically granted to the first alternate, and so on.

the scholarship will be paid a partial or total upon presentation of invoices of the teaching centre, in concept of tuition or fees laid down for the payment of the M.I.R., F.I.R. or E.I.R.


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