Miguel de Cervantes, residence and collaboration grants

If you have questions about this aid arises, please visit the official source and ask your questions directly to the center.

The University of Alcalá convened through the Vice-Rectorates of postgraduate and continuing education and international relations, 100 grants residence and cooperation Miguel de Cervantes for Master students during the academic year 2013-2014.

Las scholarships Miguel de Cervantes cover the accommodation costs while beneficiaries are the studies that have been selected. For your enjoyment fellows must collaborate on tasks of assisting the teaching or administrative management tasks.

Miguel de Cervantes scholarships provide free accommodation to their beneficiaries in the CRUSA University residence in a shared double room.

however, whenever there is availability for this purpose, beneficiaries can stay in single rooms by paying the difference between the price of the accommodation in single room and shared room.

all recipients of the scholarships Cervantes must collaborate in the tasks of teaching assistance, to a dedication of maximum 60 hours during the course, or in administrative management, to a dedication of the maximum of 20 hours per month, assigned by the Vice-Rector for postgraduate and continuing education.

before completing their stay, students will receive a descriptive document of the task of collaboration carried out, with a report by the person responsible for its supervision and the approval of the Vice-Rector for postgraduate and continuing education.

the enjoyment of this scholarship and collaboration tasks performed will not have any valid effects between the beneficiary and the University of Alcalá.

the maximum duration of scholarships for Master students will be 10 months during the period corresponding to the academic year 2013-2014 (from the 1 September 2013 to June 30, 2014) and it may be renewed only once and only for those students who have been admitted into a three or four-semester Master Studio.

students who wish to stay in the CRUSA residence during the summer months following the course during which have been registered in order to finish work related studies, they may request the extension for a maximum period of three months. The request must include the approval of the director of the Master’s course and the beneficiaries must pay 50% of the amount of the accommodation.

candidates must be in possession of the title of grade or degree or academic level entitling them in their country of origin for admission to postgraduate studies.

not may apply for these scholarships Spanish citizens (or those who have dual nationality when Spanish nationality is one of them) or foreigners who are resident in Spain at the time of the application for the scholarship.

linguistic requirements of candidates: all candidates must have fluent speakers of the language in which go to study. Candidates who wish to study in Spanish, and who have not completed prior University studies in Spanish, must prove a knowledge of that same language, at a minimum, to the level B1 of the common European framework of reference for languages. Candidates who wish to pursue studies in training of teachers of Spanish Master or PhD in Spanish language and literature, must be able to prove a knowledge of Spanish equal or superior to the accredited by the C1 level.

candidates who wish to study in English and who have not completed prior University studies in that language, must be able to prove a knowledge of English which is, at least, equal to the level B1 of the common European framework of reference for languages.

candidates who wish to pursue studies in the Master’s degree in teaching English as a foreign language, in the Master’s degree in American studies or doctoral studies in translation, literature and modern languages or PhD in American studies, must be able to prove a knowledge of English equal or superior to the level C1.

the deadline for submission of applications will be from April 15 through June 30, 2013 through the following link http://www.uah.es/pmo, and will be held at the same time that the pre-registration is completed.

send mail to the Graduate School of service of official postgraduate studies, C / Libreros 21, 28801 Alcalá de Henares, before October 15, in an envelope which will contain “Scholarships CERVANTES” the following documents (originals or duly legalized and obtain copies):

i. personal ID (NIE or passport).

ii. Certification of their status as University Professor, if you have it.

iii. Photocopy certified Superior title and official academic studies certification stating, among other ends, the official duration in academic years, the curriculum followed, the subjects studied and the time of each load.

iv. Certification of the University where they have studied, indicating that they authorize to access to postgraduate studies in the country shipper.

v. Curriculum vitae.

vi. Any other document requested expressly by the Master that you want to register.

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