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Master's scholarships in Chile for officials of the Public Sector

Scholarships of master for public sector employees are intended to deliver funding to start or continue studies of master to the administration of the State officials in priority of public administration related, directly or transversally, management, public management and modernization of the State, and areas offered by Chilean universities in programs accredited in accordance with the law not 20.129 up to a maximum period of two years from the entry of the / intern/a to the program of studies.

the duration of the scholarship master for public sector officials will be a annual, renewable up to a maximum of two years from the date of entry of the fellow to the master's program, subject to the condition of permanence of scholars in the respective program.


allocation annually, equivalent to the total of the cost of tuition and fees of the / of the intern The acquisition of books and other materials for a maximum of $206.000 contribution annual. Payment of relocation expenses, when necessary, up to the sum of $257.500 a year. The benefits do not have retroactive, beginning to govern from the date of award of the contest.

scholarship is oriented to Chileans and foreigners with permanent residence in Chile, with the following requirements:

possess Licenciado/a academic degree or a professional degree which the level and content of studies are equivalent to those required for the degree of licenciado, granted by Chilean higher education institutions or foreignwith a minimum of 8 instructional semesters completed in the case of BA and 10 academic semesters completed in case of professional title.

have the quality of plant official or contract some roster management, professional, administrative or supervising any of the dealings of the State referred to in the second paragraph of article 1 of Act No. 18.575, organic constitutional bases of General of the State administration, the revised, coordinated and systematized text of which was fixed by the DFL. N ° 1/Act 19,653, which will be credited by the corresponding Decree or resolution of appointment, with certification of validity issued by the / the Manager of personnel of the respective service. Excludes staff governed by the law Nº 15.076, in accordance with the provisions of article 27 of the law Nº 19.595.

having certification issued by the service in which it plays, in which record than studies that aims to make the / the applicant, are those that relate to the functions of the institution to which it belongs the / interested/to.

currently play in public administration, taking at least two years of seniority in the public sector.

count on the official sponsorship of the institution to which it belongs the / the applicant. This sponsorship entails the obligation of the institution that serves the / the applicant in order to maintain his remuneration while in accordance with the legal rules existing studies are conducted.

found in formal nomination process, supported / or have the quality of regular student in a master's program accredited in accordance with the law No. 20.129 and taught by a Chilean University. Be applying formally implies that the background of the applicant were reviewed and accepted by the master's program and are in the process of assessment, which must be certified by a letter of the program in question.

accredited academic excellence with at least one of the following requirements: having obtained an average finish of undergraduate or above 5.0 on a maximum of seven (7.0) or its equivalent; either be inside the top 30% of the undergraduate ranking.

closing of nomination online: Wednesday 9 January 2013, 14: 00 hrs. (Chilean continental time).

closing reception of letters of recommendation: Wednesday 9 January 2013, 14: 00 hrs. (Chilean continental time).

queries via platform OIRS: until the day at 14: 00 hrs, Wednesday, December 26, 2012. (Chilean continental time). After this date and time, the consultations received from the / the applicant will receive in response a message which will indicate that the period of consultations of this contest has finished.