Master’s scholarship in Chile for education professionals

If you have questions about this aid arises, please visit the official source and ask your questions directly to the center.

National Commission of science and technology (CONICYT) call competition for scholarships of studies leading to the master’s academic degree for education professionals of Chileans and foreigners with permanent residence in Chile.

the scholarship aims to deliver funding to start or continue studies master’s degree in Curriculum, teaching/pedagogy, assessment, school management, learning and deepening of disciplinary Areas for programs accredited by the National Commission of accreditation (CNA-Chile) and taught by Chilean universities, for a maximum period of two years from the entry of the / of the fellow to the curriculum.

the duration of the benefits of the master’s degree scholarship will be of character annual, renewable up to a maximum of two years from the entry of the / of the fellow to the master’s program and subject to the academic results achieved by this / a.

the benefits of the Fellowship will be in effect until the date of presentation of the review of grade or equivalent instanceprovided the total period does not exceed two years from the entry of the / of the fellow to the master’s program.


$5.712.000 per year for concept of maintenance, which will be paid monthly in 12 equal installments of $476.000 each.
    A maximum amount of up to $1,000,000 annual, intended for the payment of the annual membership fees of the / of the fellow, paying against invoice directly to the University.
    Monthly allocation of maintenance for each child under 18 years of age, equivalent to 5% of the maintenance of the / of the beneficiary.
    Premium monthly by concept of health coverage for a maximum monthly amount of $33,000.
    Allocation only for the installation of the / of scholarship for a maximum amount of $600,000, in the case of those / as that cursarán postgraduate studies in a region other than the residence or domicile and to move to the city to carry out their studies.
    Extension of the allocation of monthly maintenance by concept of pre and post natal, up for a maximum period of four months in total, to which the scholars must report this situation to CONICYT.

scholarship is aimed at Chilean workers and foreign workers with short stay in Chile, with the following requirements.

found in application process be accepted / or be regular students to in a master program accredited by the National Accreditation Commission.
    Possess professional title of teacher or educator conferred by universities, colleges or professional in the country institutes, and those obtained abroad, duly validated, as appropriate, according to the legal regulations.
    Found, at the time of the nomination, practising professionally in Chile in schools funded by the State, understanding as such, subsidized municipal, private establishments or those governed by the 3,166 DL, the latter in the case of schools technical professional delegated administration.
    Having begun his studies during the year 2012, or start until August 31 2013.
    Demonstrate academic excellence with at least one of the following requirements: have obtained an average end of Bachelor’s degree and/or certification equal to or greater than 5.0 on a maximum of seven (7.0) or its equivalent; either be within 30% higher ranking graduation or degree.

closure of online application period: Tuesday 09 October 2012, 14: 00 hrs. (Chilean continental time).

closure of paper application period: Thursday, September 20, 2012, 14: 00 hrs. (Chilean continental time). Paper applications are due in the Office of parts of CONICYT, located in calle Bernarda Morin N ° 551, the commune of Providencia, Santiago.

queries via OIRS platform: until Tuesday, October 02, 2012, at 14: 00 (Chilean continental time). Queries received after this date and time, from the / the applicant will receive in response a message which indicate that the period of consultations of this invitation to tender is complete.

estimated date of award/publication of results: December 2012.

the results will be published in, and

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