Master in creativity and Television scripts disability scholarships

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The Globomedia Group Foundation has convened for the third consecutive year two scholarships for students with disabilities from the Master in creativity and Television scripts, organized by the Universidad Rey Juan Carlos and Globomedia.

the allocation of scholarships will be a process of assessment of applications, with the collaboration of FSC inserts and Universia Foundation, taking into account the type and degree of disability, and their compatibility with the academic supervision of the master.

in addition, the staffing of each scholarship, whose deadline to apply is September 15, 2012, will be for the total amount of tuition fees for the master. For them it is mandatory to submit certificate of disability to a degree equal to or greater than 33%.

to study the masters degree is required a university degree or valuable experience in the sector. The course, which starts in October and ends in June next year, will be taught by professional and creative Globomedia, other producers and directors of television channels and lecturers of the Universidad Rey Juan Carlos.

Master in creativity and scripts for Television, a group Globomedia initiative in collaboration with the Universidad Rey Juan Carlos, is intended for the specialization of graduates of the three degrees of the faculties of communication sciences: Audiovisual, journalism and advertising, as well as for any other university degree with vocation specialize and acquire the technical professionals in the creation of audiovisual content. 

specialisation in Screenwriting for television content production lives a boom in our country in recent years. The process of liberalization of the industrial sector of audiovisual media, and particularly television, has led in recent years to the development of competition in the supply of content. This process has also influenced the outsourcing that has lived the audiovisual industry and, specifically, of what is called “the talent” by television stations. This boom has led to a high demand for work in the creative sector of television content. 

this trend has led to turn the versatility of the general communication professionals, requiring new specializations of its knowledge and skills that are still unpublished at the University level.  The growing demand for products of the televisions in the area of fiction and entertainment has skyrocketed, therefore, the demand for specialized training of writers and writers for television. The shortage of professionals is more acute still in the perspective of future generated by the new stage of the television and the obligation of producing programs in the country. Master of creativity and Television scripts finalidaddel and

the aim is for the high education of creative professionals to work in this new sector of the audiovisual. Six years after his release, this postgraduate course is one of the highlights of the audiovisual sector.

Master in creativity and Television scripts is the result of an agreement signed by the Universidad Rey Juan Carlos and Globomedia, company owned by Globomedia group. It consists of 500 hours of theoretical and practical classes taught at the Faculty of communication sciences and tourism URJC on the campus of Fuenlabrada (Madrid) and group Globomedia installations.

in addition, joined more than 500 hours (four months) of practices of different specialties of screenwriting in programs and series produced by the production company Globomedia, carried out during the school period. 

total, the Master comprises 1,100 hours of theoretical and practical training equivalent to 90 credits, which include:

Internship for 4 months in Globomedia
Participation of students in teams of writers of Globomedia
Practical training on computers in fiction and entertainment programs

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