Margit Frenk Award for research on poetic traditions

If you have questions about this aid arises, please visit the official source and ask your questions directly to the center.

In order to recognize throughout a scientific career exemplary as the of the Professor Margit Frenk, society Lyra minimal, in collaboration with the Centre of poetics of the Institute of research philological of the University national autonomous of Mexico, the Seminary of medieval studies and Renaissance of the University of Salamanca, Fundación Machado de Sevilla, Fundación Joaquín Díazthe Centre for Cervantine studies, the publishing house the garden’s voice, the University of Zurich, the University of La Plata (Argentina), the University of Algarve and the Chair Luis Cernuda summon the Margit Frenk Prize to research on poetic traditions;

the prize will be awarded for the best research on tradition or poetic history of the 16th to the 21st, with special attention to the study of genres, traditions, popular poetry written or oral poetic uses, as well as to its theoretical foundation and its music, ethnographic, historical and literary environment.

the prize will consist of the digital publication of the work in the editorial voice ( garden. Also Joaquín Díaz Foundation, Chair Luis Cernuda and the Universidad de La Plata will provide resources for publication in printed form of the winning work. In addition, the winner will receive a stay of philological three weeks at the Research Institute of the UNAM and a ticket to and from Mexico on the dates agreed upon by the philological authorities of the Research Institute of the UNAM.

the participating work must be submitted in electronic and printed support in an exemplary writing on leaves size letter or A4, single-sided and engargolado.

the participating works may not be less than 40,000 or more than 60,000 words of text, including tables, schemes, and references. Essays will not be accepted. Font should be Times New Roman 12pts and leading space of 1.5. The work must be submitted in Spanish.

may participate all researchers under 40 years of age or less at the date of the award.

each participant may submit only one work.

Se can submit works co-authored by no more than two people.

the author or authors must submit a letter that explicitly certifying that the work is unpublished and has not subject to review for publication in other academic circles.

the time limit for sending the jobs will be on Friday, May 17, 2013 at 18: 00.

works in electronic format should be sent to the following address: and the printed works must have mail stamp with this date as sending limit and be directed to Dr. Mariana Masera. MARGIT FRENK award. Poetry Center. Institute of philological research. Circuit Mario de la Cueva n. University City. CP 04510. Coyoacan delegation. Mexico, D.F.
(52) 55 56 22 74 92

the jury of the prize shall consist of a Chairman and four members, three of whom shall be proposed by the mentioned institutions in the background, more a permanent secretariat which is ex officio the person exercising the General coordination of «Lyra minimal». When the jury considers it appropriate, it may request information or scientific expertise to experts in the field.

the jury’s decision will be final. The jury may declare the prize. The decision of the jury will be made public on Friday, 25 October 2013, on the website You will be reported directly to who wins the prize. The prize will be awarded to the winner (a) in Mexico, during the stay at the UNAM.

materials only sent will be returned if they are picked up personally or Charter power at the headquarters of the host Institute, within the following 30 working days after the jury’s verdict is made public. Documents that are not collected during that period will be destroyed.

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