Mains 2014 SEPI Foundation grants

If you have questions about this aid arises, please visit the official source and ask your questions directly to the center.

The SEPI Foundation Announces 48 scholarships for the electrical network programme of Spain practice + 2014. The scholarships will last for nine months, counting from the date of incorporation of the fellows that, predictably, it will be on October 20, 2014 and, accordingly, they finish on July 19, 2015. 

practical training for the internship will take place in any workplaces that REE has established in Spain.  The scholarship includes a period of practical training in some centres of REE, accident insurance and a monthly allowance, or share that corresponds according to the effective date of the grant, which will vary depending on the following circumstances:

1,000 euros for trainees who have completed university studies. 

750 euros for trainees who have completed the vocational training of top grade. 


have completed the studies and, where appropriate, practices, leading to the obtaining of any of the titles listed below in one of the universities or vocational of the Spanish State, or otherwise, have approved the corresponding title, in accordance with the legislation in forceby the Ministry of education, culture and sport of Spain. 
University degree: degree upper, middle or grade: double degree degree in law and Economics double major degree in law and companies double degree in business and Economics double major degree in business and Marketing degree in science – Physics degree in Science – Mathematics degree in legal sciences – law degree in library science and documentation – information and documentation degree in economics degree in business degree in engineering – grade organization in engineering – grade Telecommunications Engineering – Industrial Engineering – Computer Science degree in psychology degree Degree in sociology engineer in computer organization Industrial Engineer in telecommunication engineer engineer Industrial Engineer technician of telecommunication technical engineer in computer science graduate Industrial Engineer in ADE and Audiovisual Communication degree in ADE and Bachelor of Economics in ADE and Marketing degree in management and business administration Bachelor of law degree in law and ADE graduate in law and economics degree in documentationBSc in economics degree in physics, degree in Marketing Bachelor of mathematics degree in psychology degree in sociology Master in management and business administration Master in law master’s degree in library science and documentation Master of Economics Master in electrical engineering Master in electronic engineering master’s degree in engineering physics Master in Engineering Industrial Organization Master in computer engineering Industrial Engineering Master Master in Mathematical Engineering Master in organization engineering master’s degree in Telecommunication Engineering master’s degree in psychology Master in sociology.
Certification technical upper F.P. electricity and electronics – facilities Electrotechnical languages: English (M.C.E.R.) B2 level valuable knowledge of French.  
Computer at the user level.  
Have not elapsed more than three years from the date of completion of their studies.   
Have been born after December 31, 1986.  
Be willing to establish residence in the place where the scholarship is awarded to him.  
Have not completed any professional work according to the studies carried out, for a period equal to or greater than 6 months. In the latter case, the candidate must be in legal situation of unemployment at the time of the award and acceptance of the scholarship.   
Not to be beneficiary of a Foundation scholarship program, or have renounced any scholarships awarded by this institution during the formative period, preferably not have enjoyed for more than 6 months for another scholarship in REE with similar characteristics, except the corresponding to higher level training cycles and from FCT. 

requests must be made by completing the form established for this purpose on the website of the Foundation ( The deadline for the submission of applications ends on September 4, 2014.

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