Madrid Olympic Foundation scholarships

The Comunidad de Madrid, through the Madrid Olympic Foundation Announces scholarships aimed at promoting the preparation of Madrid athletes competing in Olympic and Paralympic, in the same circumstances as in Olympic competition and Paralympic. These grants are intended to enable and develop high-level sports, thus being of interest for the promotion of sports Madrid.The sports results to value will be obtained during the year 2013. 

Madrid Olympic Foundation scholarships will be compatible with other grants, organizations public or private, local, State, EU or international bodies, without prejudice to the obligation to inform the dealer body obtain them from. In addition, Foundation scholarships will be incompatible with each other, with the same object, convened by other autonomous communities, as well as the one convened by the Directorate General of youth and sports of the community of Madrid, this year.

may be beneficiaries of this call athletes who meet the following requirements:

to) having Spanish nationality. If you have dual nationality, shall take into account only the sports results with the Spanish national team in international competitions.  

b) born in the community of Madrid or be registered in any city of the community of Madrid, with an antiquity of at least the 1 of October 2012.

c) did not obtain during the year 2013 an amount greater than 60,000 as sum of any income, assistance or grant, directly or indirectly related to their sport.

d) not be complying disciplinary or administrative punishment in sports of grave or very grave nature.

e) have Madrid license in force with an antiquity of at least the 1 of October 2012.

f) having competed during the year 2014 (until the deadline for submission of application: October 8) in any official competition (national or international). Failing that the athlete will accredit the reasons that have prevented him from meeting this requirement.

g) prove that the results presented in annex I, have been obtained in Olympic and Paralympic in absolute category. 

applications should be submitted in the Madrid Olympic Foundation (Paseo de Recoletos, 14 - floor 3, from 10:00 to 14:00 pm) with deadline day 24 of October 2014 (included). 

Existiran two kinds of scholarships, 7,000 and 8,000 euros. Scholarships are intended for athletes who compete in individual tests or equipment in absolute category in Olympic Games, World Championships, European Championships and Championship of Spain (highest category). Not any kind of University Championship will be valued. The list of sports is detailed in annex III. 

in the case that the athlete has participated in more than one test within the same Championship, plus a single result for Championship (World Championship, European Championship and Championship of Spain). In the case where there are more than one Championship of the same scope (national, European or global) will elect only one of each area.  

in testing of team sports is equipped: team sports: basketball, handball, hockey... National League = Championship of Spain. In sports such as tennis are deemed equivalent: Masters 1000 = Grand Slam Championship of Europe = World Championship.