Lawyers Germany, Belgium, France, Ireland, Italy and United Kingdom

If you have questions about this aid arises, please visit the official source and ask your questions directly to the center.

Leonardo Da Vinci is a program sponsored by the Directorate-General for education and culture of the European Commission which aims to promote a “Europa of the conocimiento” by consolidating a space of cooperation in the field of education and vocational training. ”

the College of lawyers of Madrid offers once again, within the framework, Leonardo da Vinci and with the collaboration of several offices and schools of European lawyers, a programme of professional practices for the training of young literate people. The participants can choose one of the following countries for your stays: Germany, Belgium, France, Ireland, Italy and United Kingdom.

the full program includes:

– A period of linguistic preparation, specializing in legal language and socio-cultural information on the country of destination of 40 hours (minimum), to be held in Madrid between the months of February and March 2013.

– A stay in a firm of lawyers or legal Department of enterprise in the country of destination of twelve-week between the months of April and July of the year 2013.

the program Leonardo da Vinci partially subsidizes the costs of accommodation and meals with economic aid which vary depending on the country of destination and the total duration of the practices.

travel costs are reimbursed separately up to a maximum limit of 250 euros per person.

requirements to be eligible for scholarships

be admitted as practicing before September 21, 2012 in the College of lawyers of Madrid or other Association of the Spanish territory.
Have Spanish nationality or that of any of the countries participating in the lifelong learning programme, wherever resident in a country other than the country chosen as a destination.
Have knowledge of the language of each one of the destination countries sufficient for effective professional communication. In the case of Belgium, the French will be understood as local language.
Be aware of payment of the membership fees and not be sanctioned at the time of the request, and until the end of the period provided for the stay abroad.
Not having participated previously in another program Leonardo da Vinci.
Being able to personally attend selection trials established.

candidates must submit the following documentation addressed to the human resources department in the registry of the lawyers of Madrid, located on the ground floor of the c / Serrano nº 11,:

a) completed standard form (annex II)

b) Charter drawn up by the applicant in which expose:

– desire to be admitted to the call and motivation of the application

– description of the current situation Professional and expectations of availability for the first and second quarter of 2013.

– Declaration of commitment of the linguistic preparation course prior to the practices.

– Declaration of commitment to sign and make the agreement of training and quality commitment for training rooms and general conditions of the program Leonardo da Vinci, as well how reporting partial and final to make them required

– acceptance of all the conditions of the call

b) Curriculum vitae with recent size photograph meat

c) certified academic staff and certification stating the language depending on the country level destination, whenever possible.

deadline to submit such documentation in the registry will be at 14 o’clock on Friday, September 21, 2012.

in case of send the documentation by mail, must be made by certified mail with date and time of despatch earlier than 14: 00 on 21 September. In addition, for the purpose of having the application from the time of expiry of the deadline, is necessary to send by fax (91 576 29 91) or electronic ( mail the claim form along with proof of shipping issued or stamped by post before 14: 00 on 21 September.

initially examine the provided documentation and will be confirmed by telephone to candidates that meet the conditions required to move to the second phase, which will include a written test and a personal interview.

the written test will be a reverse translation and a test type test on international law and other areas of law, and will take place in a single call Thursday, October 4, 2012, at 10.00 in the center of studies of the school (Serrano 11, 1st floor).

candidates who pass the first test will be called for interview in the date and time to be determined at the time.

for the selection of candidates will be assessed the level of language and communication skills, characteristics of the curriculum provided, the actual availability of time foreseen for the formative period and practices, the professional interests, as well as the adaptation availability in each country and the profiles requested by offices and colleges of lawyers associated with the project.

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