KUSKAYA 2015 scholarships

If you have questions about this aid arises, please visit the official source and ask your questions directly to the center.

Will be funded to Peruvians and aliens (these will be selected in the United States.UU) who are interested in the development of products, processes and innovative policies to improve public health and Global Health in interdisciplinary and bi-national research teams working in the Peru. Examples of projects of KUSKAYA fellows include: the development of innovative social business models to promote the incorporation of diagnostic tests to improve health; the adaptation of distribution models in the private sector for the provision of drugs and health services in rural areas; different models of human resources management to reduce the brain drain of professionals of health in the Peru; and the use of information and communication technologies to track threats to public health and respond in a more timely and efficient manner.

details of the scholarship KUSKAYA:

in the month of April 2015, the Peruvian and foreign scholars will participate via videoconference with Peruvian and foreign mentors to discuss and develop a research project to examine a health problem with an interdisciplinary look at the Peru. These projects should not focus exclusively on medical solutions and will be suitable for students with skills in health science, public policy, business, international relations, bioengineering, bioinformatics, and operational research among others.

July 2015, involvement of full time in a program of training and research project of 12 months in Lima, Peru.

at the end of the Fellowship, fellows KUSKAYA published the results of research in a peer-reviewed journal and will present their research project in Lima and the University of Washington, Seattle, USA

criteria of evaluation of the candidates’s KUSKAYA:

fellows must demonstrate the following characteristics: leadership, maturity, flexibility, teamwork, initiative, creativity, and skills to present and write. The preferred candidates have been published in peer-reviewed journals.

KUSKAYA invites graduates from different disciplines or students or graduates of postgraduate (masters and PhD) programs. The program offers training in leadership, innovation, and skills for research and implementation, business models and policy analysis, and international relations while students work a 12-month research project on the Peru.

KUSKAYA “trabajando juntos means” in Quechua. ”

profile of the candidate will:

graduates of different disciplines or students or graduates of graduate (masters and PhD) programs, including health sciences, public policy, business, international relations, bioengineering, computer science and operational research among others.
Demonstrate interest in exploring and addressing the socio-economic, political and technological aspects of Global health.
Spend at least 5 hours a week from April 2015 for the preliminary preparation of the research proposal.
Devoted full time to the scholarship since July 2015 June 2016.
Have solid skills to write and speak in English and Spanish.

how to apply:

applications must be submitted online including a) in the application form, and b) based on NIH format CV: see the example, download the format sent to info@saludglobalperu.org (limit of 3 pages including publications), in your preferred language: English or Spanish.

please, send the two parts of the application before 11:59 pm on Friday, February 13, 2015. Please contact Michelle Chan to info@saludglobalperu.org If you have any questions or difficulties.

deadline for application for scholarships: 13 February 2015.

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