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Katarina Gurska scholarships for students in interpretation

The Foundation for education and culture Katarina Gurska (FKG) announces a special call for grants from the Fund private foundation competition. They will be granted five scholarships of 4,000 euros each, amount will be granted all of the enrollment of the course, and the call is aimed at aspiring interpretation students to pursue the higher degree in this artistic higher education authorized Center.

registration deadline ends on June 26, 2012.

the competition will be held on June 30, requiring students to interpret three pieces of 3 different styles. The hour of the contest will be published a week in advance on the website of the CSKG:

scholarships are open to all students with an outstanding talent but for economic reasons can not afford their studies in a private educational excellence centre.

for to request the scholarship, the student will have to refer to the Centre the application form of scholarship that you will find in the website of the CSKG, as well as the entrance exam application form regardless of the level of the course to join, which may be 1 °, 2 ° or 3 ° Grado Superior. And attach all the documentation required for the scholarship application for both the request of entrance examination with both requests.

the jury assigned scholarships at its discretion on the basis of the documentation received, the talent demonstrated at the hearing and the potential for artistic development of the candidate.

the students undertake to participate actively in the cultural activities of the CSKG, complying with a minimum attendance of 90% of the classes. They will also collaborate in the Newsletter of the centre providing news of interest.

the verdict of the jury shall be communicated on July 2, 2012 at 12 pm through the web page of the CSKG and on the Advisory Board of the Centre.