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Januario Uberte scholarship

"El Patiaz" Cultural Association Announces Scholarship Januario Uberte themed research files: documentary Corpus (unpublished research in archives related to the Villa of Tauste)

establishes a scholarship, with a cash prize of 2,000 euros (subject to appropriate retentions established by law).

the works projects to be carried out, that they will serve basis for the allocation of the prize jury, they shall refer to the "El Patiaz" Cultural Association before 31 May of the current year.

after the selection of the award-winning project, the amount of 2000 euros available to the scholarship will be paid by bank transfer once finalized and presented research work, whose delivery time shall not exceed 15 December of this year.

if the author had impossibility to deliver the work ahead of schedule, you can request in writing, before December 1 of this year, a duly justified delay, being the Board of Directors of this Association who decide definitively on the matter. Not request deferral of delivery of the work will be equally considered reason for cancellation of the relation between scholarship and partnership.

not sets extension to work, being at the discretion of the assessment of the quality of the jury.

presentation, both the project and later of the final papers, shall be carried out in support computer (word or pdf format) and, in addition, printed in paper size DIN A4, and accompanied by many photographs and illustrations considered convenient. They must be accompanied also with the name and surname of the author, address, phone, identity card and bank details for registration of payments.

project and, subsequently, the scholarship work must be sent by mail to "El Patiaz" Cultural Association, House of the Chamber, the cost of the House, 10, 50660 Tauste (Zaragoza).

coach jury will be formed by the President of the Association "El Patiaz" Cultural, or delegated, by the Director of the Casa de Cultura or person delegated, by representatives of the Association "El Patiaz" Cultural and other institutions.

your failure will be opportunely communicated to participants before 30 June of the current year.

the jury completed its criteria omissions that may exist in the drafting of these rules, or doubts that he could offer his interpretation.

participation in the call for the fellowship is the free acceptance of the present rules.

winners will be required to carry out a review for the newsletter of the Association. Similarly, if deemed appropriate, they will participate with a paper at the Conference on the history of Tauste.

the Association will publish, will play, distribute and transmit articles chasing the maximum diffusion of research. "El Patiaz" Cultural Association reserves the right of publication of the winning works.