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Investigación-Departamento translation and communication (UJI) scholarship

Convened a research grant to carry out research and development in the Department of translation and communication of the Jaume I University (UJI). The aim is to receive training and work together on tasks and projects of the Group's research "TECNOLETTRA-technologies of language, terminology and translation".

during the scholarship will learn how to manage terminology databases, analysis tools and tools of project management and collaboration and practical fundamentals of terminology and creation of dictionaries, Ontologies and taxonomies.

the scholarship represents a commitment of 12 hours per week with an expected duration of four months and a gross salary of 240 euros per month.

scholarship requirements Students of the UJI for the degree course in translation and interpreting, which have exceeded 75% of the appropriations of the qualification. The qualifications obtained abroad or in private universities must be officially recognized. To be able to apply for the scholarship, also considered that the title was recognized when the applicant proving to have been admitted in an official postgraduate programme or in a Spanish public University doctoral program. Knowledge of languages: English and Spanish. Average academic record equal to or greater than 8.

the deadline for submission of applications ends on May 28.