Internationalization scholarships 2012-2013

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The Spanish Institute of foreign trade (ICEX) convenes the internationalization scholarships 2012-2013, aims to train professionals specialized in enterprise internationalization.

candidates for these scholarships must demonstrate a vocation and training directed towards the development of their professional career in aspects relating to the business internationalization and international trade. They must also possess capacity and sufficient aptitude to develop the training period that the scholarship offers in the environment of economic offices and trade of the Spain embassies abroad, whose mission is, among others, project adequately both the image of Spain as a country as the image and ability of Spanish companies.

the internationalization of the ICEX scholarship program consists of two phases: first, a training network of offices economic and commercial of the embassies of Spain and a second, training in companies and institutions linked to the internationalization, inside and outside of Spain.

the program responds to the needs that operators have shown in its international expansion process. It offers candidates a solid theoretical training, through a master in international business management and complements with a practical training obtained through network and training in companies. It offers additional training in language and training in destination activities so that these young professionals are able to offer a better service to the process of business internationalization Spanish.

description of PROGRAMAFase I: practices in the network of offices economic and commercial of the embassies of EspañaLa training you will get the fellow in the period of practices will be determined by the specific activities carried out within the programme of the internationalization grants.

acquisition of experience and knowledge by the intern in the following activities:

conduct of studies and notes market under the supervision of the Chief Economic and commercial of the Office of the country of destination.Preparation of answers to business inquiries of Spanish companies and the country of destination.Collaboration in promotion activities.Collaboration in the preparation, support and follow-up of commercial missions.Activities of economic and commercial documentation in the country of destination.Phase II: Practices in enterprises and international organizations of which Spain is miembroLos fellows who successfully pass phase I of the programme will have the option of accessing the phase II. This phase, conditioned by the positive assessment of the tutor in the performance of the scholarship in the previous phase, may be effected on Spanish companies with international activities, either in Spain or any of its subsidiaries abroad and in international organizations.

number of scholarships

the number of scholarships for internships in the network of offices economic and commercial of the embassies of Spain will be 240 maximum, depending on the capabilities of the network, which will be awarded among the students who pass the academic phase of the master in international business management.

requirements to obtain the becaPara benefit from one of these scholarships, applicants must meet the following requirements:

a) nationality of a Member State of the Union European 3

b) have been born since 1 January 1983

c) be in possession of a university degree eligible (annex I) obtained prior to September 1, 2011.

d) mastery of the Spanish language. English advanced, taking as reference level B2.1 of the EOI (BOCM No. 147, June 22, 2007).

e) be free from disease or be affected by physical or mental limitation incompatible with the discharge of the functions of the scholarship at the time of acceptance of the same.

f) not having enjoyed another scholarship of similar characteristics (granted by regional authorities, chambers of Commerce, Turespaña, bodies of commercial promotion of the EU, etc.).

Se will assess:

g) knowledge of other languages. (

h) knowledge of Office and the Internet with a user-level.

i) curriculum of the candidate.

j) other postgraduate studies.

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