Institutional scholarships undergraduate UDLAP 2015

If you have questions about this aid arises, please visit the official source and ask your questions directly to the center.

Opens the call for scholarships of new income autumn 2015, of March 09 to the 29 of may 2015.

for the scholarship procedures is necessary:

make your process of admission in school services located in building 1, office 102, to be accepted in one of the on-site programs undergraduate offering UDLAP.
Print, complete and submit the application of corresponding institutional scholarship, scholarships module located in building 1, office 102, module 4 or 5.
For the case of academic scholarship application is obtained by accessing section UDLAP website specific guidelines.
Is necessary for academic scholarships, pay the socio-economic study (current$ 1000.00) at UDLAP Unicaja, or by deposit to the account 0650071838 (CLABE 072 650 0065 00718384 for electronic transfer) Banorte and Bancomer to account 0443569470 (CLABE 012 650 0044 3569470 for electronic transfer). Proof of payment of the original socio-economic study shall be delivered together with the academic scholarship application. The payment of such a study is not refundable in any case.

Those interested in applying to an institutional scholarship must meet the General guidelines as well as the specific guidelines, scope, benefits and obligations of the Fellowship of your interest, to meet access sections of general guidelines and specific guidelines from the web of UDLAP.

the amount of the scholarship apply only to the cost of tuition of courses are an integral part of the curriculum of Bachelor and not so for courses of particular interest, prerequisites, project in process, workshops, or additional fees. This line is not limited to more explanatory.

La UDLAP only provides a benefit by student in an academic program, which will not be combinable in any case.

to choose a Sport Scholarship must be physical evidence, this must be sent to the address of sports: phones (222) 229 23 78 and (222) 229 23 82 GB building, office 207.

that is benefited with some kind of scholarship students must sign the corresponding regulation of scholarship on the dates published in the school calendar of the UDLAP.

the benefit of UDLAP institutional scholarships, will be applied only to new students.

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