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Initiation into the company SEPI Foundation grants

Since 1980, the SEPI Foundation develops the initiation scholarship program in the company with the aim of enabling a period of practical training in business to young people without work experience, who have completed university studies.

the initial duration of the scholarship program is six months. The date of incorporation of the interns to companies or institutions which carry out their learning process will be on May 1, 2014.

scholar program is entitled to obtain the following benefits:

to) enjoy a period of six months of practical training at one of the centers of corporations and collaborating institutions in the 2014/1 of the program Edition. 

b) to receive a prize during the formative period comprising:

- a monthly allowance of 885 euros, or the proportion that corresponds according to the effective date of the incorporation of the fellow. This amount will be perceived during the six months following their date of incorporation. In the event that the fellow goes to a situation of temporary disability, it shall have the right to receive 100% of their allocation during the first month of low. From that moment, you are paid the part of allocation that apply to you, in accordance with the criteria laid down for such cases in the Social security regulations.

- accident insurance, which will be signed by the Foundation in their favor.  

c) to be included in the general system of Social Security, under the terms and conditions established by the Royal Decree 1493 / 2011, of 24 October, which regulates the terms and the conditions for inclusion in the General scheme of the Social security of the people who participate in training programmes.

General for all selection processes made during the term of the 2014/1 edition of the program, and without prejudice to the exceptional situation as referred to in the last paragraph of this basis in relation to the collective of 'high level sportsmen', those wishing to qualify for any grants in the program, they must meet the following requirements:

be a citizen of the European Union.  Having completed the necessary studies to obtain a university degree, suitable to carry out tasks in accordance with vacancies offered by companies and collaborating institutions program carried out in any of the universities of the Spanish State, or otherwise, have approved the corresponding certificate by the Ministry of education, culture and sport of Spain, in accordance with the legislation in force the ratio of qualifications suitable for access to program grants will be exposed in the website of the Foundation (, call for initiation in the 2014/1 company. By exception, may also apply engineering technical or higher students who have passed all the subjects required to obtain the degree that corresponds, with the exception of the final project. Having completed the necessary studies to obtain the degree in question or comply with the requirement laid down in the second paragraph of the preceding paragraph after December 31, 2011.  Have been born after April 30, 1984.  You have not played professional work some related to their degree, either by or self-employed.   Not been the beneficiary of a Foundation scholarship program, or have renounced any scholarship provided by this institution during the formative period.  Be willing to establish residence in the place where you will receive their practical training.

the deadline for the submission of applications ends on March 25, 2014. However, this period may be extended until June 30, 2014, in order, if outside the case, selection processes to cover certain scholarships which are not would have been able to be assigned initially, offer new scholarships or make substitutions for resignations of the scholars initially selected.