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Grants internal promotion Ministry of finance

Summon, on a competitive basis, 48 scholarships for selective entrance exam preparation, by the system of internal promotion, to the body top inspectors of Finance of State, technical body of the Treasury and General body administrative, specialty of agents of the public Treasury. this call is governed by provisions in the «order EHA/1857/2007, of 18 June, approved the corresponding regulatory bases for granting scholarships for the preparatio…

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Canon Collins Thekgo Bursaries for Undergraduate and Postgraduate Students in South Africa, 2017

…s, Education, Arts (Digital Arts, Drama/Performance Studies, Visual Arts/Fine Arts, History of Art, Film and Television Studies, Music). Canon Collins Educational & Legal Assistance Trust is building a community of change agents across southern Africa who create and use knowledge for positive social impact. Through their higher education and research funding, project grants and international events programme, their unique approach cultivates…

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Grants Tutorial Art Jove 2013

carry out exhibitions and activities to publicize their projects. The fellow will be introduced in the team of the Sala d’art Jove and dynamics of work between artists, production centers, the management team and other agents which can intervene. eligible for these young scholarships of between 18 and 35 years old residing in Catalonia and its professional profile is in the field of visual art, curators, educators, publishers, designers…

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Scholarships entrance bodies special finance

Summon, on a competitive basis, 60 scholarships for the preparation of the selective checks of access, by the system of internal promotion, to the body top inspectors of Finance of State, upper body of Auditors and auditors of the State, technical body of finance, technical body of auditing and accounting and General Administrativo Cuerpo, agents specializing in public finance. this call is governed by provisions of the order HAP/1405/2014, of…

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Scholarships for viticultural practices in France

participants will need their internship on a wine company of the Federation of wine producers Languedoc – Provença or the cooperatives Val dOrbieu or Leucate, France. the aim is returning competitors to be multiplying agents of the experience and knowledge acquired. Those selected have, in addition, to contributions of skills in the development of training projects and other projects that increase the impact of this Exchange program. re…

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Youth in action 2013 scholarships

…between Mexican and American youth to foster a better and greater understanding between the two countries. Prominent Mexican Youth offer new tools to face the challenges that presents your environment, encouraging them to be agents of social change, contributing with leadership and civic engagement with their communities to prevent violence and social disintegration. to achieve these objectives are offered full scholarships to participate in a…

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Contaminants research scholarship and psychotropic substances

that standard. the purpose is the update of test methods for the determination of: – detection of toxic substances psychoactive. – identification of psychotropic substances in seizures or small loads, from agents of citizen security, using techniques recommended by the UN and gas chromatography. to be eligible for this scholarship is necessary to have the title of degree, graduate, engineer or Doctor in any of the following…

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UCLan Middle East Scholarships for Undergraduate Programme in UK, 2017

iversity based in Preston, Lancashire, England. It has its roots in The Institution For The Diffusion Of Useful Knowledge founded in 1828. Number of Scholarships: UCLan is offering a number of co-branded scholarships with its agents in the Middle East. Scholarship can be taken in the UK In the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia: In Egypt: In the Sultanate of Oman: In Jordan College Admission Requirement Entrance Requirement: Applicants must have undergradu…

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Scholarship course for approaching the planning law

ll or large surfaces) after the latest reforms that the Government has approved and its implementation by the municipalities. The administrative silence, urban discipline, law of management building, the responsibility of the agents involved in the building process and its claim, the law of the State floor, law of the soil of the community of Madrid, the new General Plan of Madrid among others… Added in this Edition and as new and current…

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ATZUM Abe and Gert Nutkis (AGN) Scholarship in Israel, 2016-2017

ATZUM is pleased to offer Abe and Gert Nutkis (AGN) scholarship for the academic year 2016-17. Scholarships are available for Israeli citizens enrolled in full-time, degree or certificate granting, co-educational programs. ATZUM was established to remedy injustices in Israeli society and encourage individuals to become social activists and agents of change. Preference will be given to students who demonstrate a prior commitment to volunteer work…

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