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Scholarships from the Japanese Government for students 3 years

The Ministry of education, culture, sports, science and technology (MEXT) offers scholarships to foreign students wishing to study at training centres specialized on a scholarship from the Japanese Government for the year 2016. areas of study are: technology. Education and Social assistance. Fashion design and domestic economy. Auxiliary nursing and nutrition. Business sciences. Culture and General education. Other areas of study. The schola…

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20 University of Tokyo Summer Scholarships for International Students to Study Abroad, 2017

…that cover various forms and purposes, including school expense exemptions, scholarships, emergency loans, and student discounts. Please note that most of the lectures at University of Tokyo Graduate Schools are conducted in Japanese. Therefore, it is important that all students master Japanese before enrollment. Some Graduate Schools require a Japanese language level higher than JLPT N2. However, the University also offers a variety of graduate…

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The Canon Foundation in Europe research grants

The Canon Foundation Europe offers 15 scholarships for European and Japanese researchers. They are intended for under 40 years old who have completed a doctorate or at least have a postgraduate degree in any academic field. the foundation of Canon in Europe has already opened the application for one of these research grants Japan, which ends September 15. The scholarship process occurs in reverse, i.e., Japanese researchers will come to Europe…

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Japanese Association of University Women scholarships

Call for scholarships of the Japanese Association of University women. Women who are selected must devote full to the project that received the grant, submit an abstract of between 500 and 700 words at the end of the same and in addition, to make an oral presentation of their research at a meeting sponsored by the Japanese Association of University women. all the documentation which should include, inter alia, three letters of recommendation,…

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Canon 2015 Foundation scholarships

The Canon Foundation in Europe awarded annually, by a maximum of 15 scholarships to European and Japanese researchers highly qualified in all fields. candidates must have obtained at least one degree of mastery within the previous 10 years. Candidates graduate with more than ten years prior to the application will also be considered. For European scholarships consist of a period of research in Japan, while Japanese Fellows carry out their res…

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Juan San Martin Scholarship research

…sent it at Pegora the deadline, completed and attaching the following documents: academic record detailed and complete. In the case of computers, records of all its components. Curriculum Vitaea (at Pegora or on the website www.eibar.net), certification and certificates of merits, as detailed on the application required by the Town Hall and Udako Euskal sheet Unibertsitatea. In the case of teams, those of all components. Photocopy of the identi…

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Scholarships for PhD in social sciences by the Colegio de Sonora

…application package, which must contain: to.   Application for admission with photography in the corresponding format. Format can be collected in the facilities of El Colegio de Sonora or print directly from our Web site at www.colson.edu.mx. b.   Curriculum vitae with documents (original and a copy). c.   Title of degree or, in absence thereof, of the Charter of professional examination or of the official document attesting to the degree (…

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Vargas Llosa novel Prize

All Spanish or foreign authors who submit their works written in the Spanish language, with the exception of those who have won this award in previous editions of this event may attend the prize of novel Vargas Llosa organized by the University of Murcia, the Social work of Caja Mediterráneo and the Chair Vargas Llosa. works, free theme, must be unpublished, and must have been unpublished total or in part, or have been awarded in any other con…

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Alicia Koplowitz Foundation scholarships research

…rting economic aid certificate will be presented. Any costs arising from the performance of work will have to be covered with such import. applications shall be submitted according to the downloadable form from the website www.fundacionaliciakoplowitz.org and they should be sent before February 15, 2013….

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China ICO Foundation scholarships

…O. Any bid received after this date and time, regardless of who had sent prior to this date and time will not be accepted. applicants should fill the application form “on line” which you will find on the website www.fundacionico.es. Requests sent via this medium will only be accepted for processing. This form will be exclusively, attached in Word or PDF documents that do not contain photos: 1. CV in Spanish. 2. Explanatory memor…

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