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Politecnico International Scholarships, Petroleum Engineering, Call for applications for the 2010/2011 academic year

The Eni Project offers international students the possibility to receive a scholarship and other benefits to graduate from the Politecnico di Torino attending a Master of Science program in?Petroleum Engineering.The project, promoted by the Politecnico di Torino and financed by Eni – Exploration & Productiondual tax conditions of each student, which can be verified only upon the arrival of the student.The amount of the scholarship will…

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PhD Thesis Student (m/f), ref. CFR359 : X-ray micro diffraction study of strain, elemental distribution and defects in semiconductor devices

ization tools for modern semiconductor structures using diffraction at high angles combined with energy dispersive methods.D e s c r i p t i o n o f t h e t h e s i s w o r kWith x-rays as a local tool, new possibilities open up in terms of the characterization of device structures, were spatial resolution has to be combined with x-ray diffraction to respect the local inhomogeneities. We propose the use of these recently developed methods of x-ra…

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Avila Financial Aid Programs, USA

r higher on the ACT, or a 1260 or higher on the SAT (Critical Reasoning and Math), and holding at least a 3.25 GPA.Students are required to live on campus and participate in Avila community service.$1,400 stipend is available upon completion of required community service.Recipients must maintain a 3.25 cumulative GPA for renewal.Actual award requires official campus visit and scholarship interview.Go to www.avila.edu/admission/campusvisit.asp.Avi…

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Korean Government Scholarship Program for Graduate Students

: 900,000 won(KRW) per month -Research Allowance : 210,000 won for students in human and social sciences; 240,000 won for students in natural and mechanic sciences per semester -Relocation (Settlement) Allowance : 200,000 won upon arrival -Language Training Fee : The full costs up to 1 year -Tuitions : All admission fees are waived by the host institution. The full tuition is paid by NIIED. -Dissertation Printing Costs : 500,000 ~ 800,000 won for…

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Master of Science in Automotive Engineering Call for applications for the 2010/2011 academic year

plete the program of studies for the Master of Science in which the student is enrolled at the Politecnico di Torino. The time required to graduate is approximately two years. However, the effective duration is also dependent upon each student’s capacity. Note also that the time required for the compulsory Italian course is not considered in the estimated duration of the program.Please note that scholarship recipients must attend their course for…

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International Undergraduate Scholarships, University of Queensland, Australia

ry dual, Health Sciences and Medicine/Surgery dual, Science and Medicine/Surgery dual, Nursing and Midwifery dual, Nursing, Midwifery, Occupational Therapy, Speech Pathology, Pharmacy, and Veterinary Science. Please note this list may not be exhaustive. Successful scholarship recipients will be notified within one month of the scholarship closing date. Non-successful applicants will not be notified.Scholarships will be awarded based on academic m…

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hree referees’ reports. In addition, those applying for the doctoral student positions should also submit a research and study plan. For further information on academic portfolio and on the assessment of teaching skills see www.helsinki.fi/yliopistoportfolio. For further information about these positions, please contact: 1.  Professor Fred O. Asiegbu, Department of Forest Sciences, University of Helsinki, Tel: +358-9-19158109, e-mail: fred.asie…

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DUO-Thailand Fellowship Program (Phase II)

1.1.6 Being able to join the program throughout the whole period, 1.1.7 Submitting a report and a study record showing the learning outcomes gained from the host university to the Commission on Higher Education within 60 days upon completion of the program. 1.2 European students 1.2.1 Being an undergraduate or graduate student in European Union higher education institutions accredited by responsible agencies in their respective countries, 1.2.2 H…

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DOCTORAL STUDENT POSITION studying biodiversity on vegetated roofs, Finland

DENT POSITION studying biodiversity on vegetated roofs for 1,5 years. We are seeking a highly motivated PhD student to study green roofs. Currently we have a start-off funding for 1,5 years, but we aim to achieve continuation up to 4,5 years. The position is funded by the Helsinki University Centre for Environment HENVI. Research will be conducted in close cooperation with the staff of Finnish Museum of Natural History (FMNH) and the Urban Ecolog…

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5 Ph. D. students in New Brunswick Canada

ty of Ottawa A Ph. D student will be examining climate change/herbicide effects on gene expression, sexual development and metamorphosis in amphibians. They will be supervised by Dr. Vance Trudeau (University of Ottawa; see www.teamendo.ca) and Dr. Vince Palace (DFO, Winnipeg, Manitoba) and work out of The University of Ottawa Centre for Advanced Research in Environmental Genomics. Qualifications: Candidates should have a background in compa…

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