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Scholarships postgraduate in consumer

umers and users. the application forms will be available at the headquarters of the national consumer Institute, calle Príncipe de Vergara 54, in the Secretariat of the Council of consumers and users, or through Internet on www.consumo-inc.es page. stakeholders will direct its requests, according to the model’s instance that is included as annex I, to the auxiliary register of the Spanish Agency of consumer, food safety and nutrition, i…

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Scholarships for courses above Chile

The Ministry of education (MINEDUC) has decided to open an application process to scholarships for courses top 2013, i.e. for those students who are already pursuing a career in any institution of higher education and to date, have not received any grant from the Ministry of education in the career that is studying, who will now have the opportunity to apply for these benefits. the nominations will be made in www.becasycreditos.cl between 3 an…

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Spanish Agency of medicinal products and health 2014 scholarships

…d a grant from these characteristics of the Spanish Agency of medicines and health products. applications should be submitted in a manner telematics through the web page of the Spanish Agency of drugs and products Saniarios www.aemps.gob.es, in the section the AEMPS/scholarships of the AEMPS/scholarships 2014, still need to submit the application ID and signature using Digital certificate or electronic DNI. applications may be presented also…

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Scholarships Instituto Nacional de Técnica Aeroespacial Esteban Terradas

The National Institute of technology aerospace Esteban Terradas (INTA) convenes 17 scholarships aimed at persons who are in possession of the title of graduate, Bachelor, engineer, engineer + Master’s degree or equivalent, always who have completed their studies and obtained the title after July 31, 2010 and before August 1, 2014. qualifications required, for each of the convened scholarships, are listed in annex I of the call for propos…

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Grant Area of library, archive and documentation of the Prado

, in accordance with the cooperation agreements entered into by it with those. the enjoyment of aid on the basis of this call will be incompatible with any other scholarship or aid financed with public or private Spanish or Community funds as well as wages or salaries which involve contractual or statutory link of the person concerned, and should be reinstated the amounts unduly received. Scholarship may not be requested by a candidate who has…

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Postdoctoral Fellowships in science at Harvard

The Mexico Foundation at Harvard, CONACYT and Harvard University collaborate in carrying out a postdoctoral program for Mexican researchers. the Mexican scientists who already they have obtained the degree of PhD or equivalent may apply for a postdoctoral fellowship provided they are committed to return to Mexico at the end of their stay at Harvard. All applicants must be currently employed full-time in Mexico, or if they are not employed full…

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Scholarship of the National Commission of markets and competition

The CNMC has just 20 scholarships which are intended to contribute to the theoretical and practical training of beneficiaries in our scope. ‘ll have a duration of 10 months and a 1,100 euros gross monthly remuneration. The call was published in the Official Gazette of 28 April. details: will have a duration of 10 months, from September 2015 until June 2016. the amount of the scholarship will be 1,100 euros gross per month. candida…

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Scholarship photography soups

Convened the scholarship Sopitas.com to study photography at the Pedro Meyer Foundation, an institution nonprofit dedicated to visual education in Mexico. the winner of this award will become student of “Bitácora Visual: introduction to the language photographic”, a new educational model which combines group classes and personalized attention of a tutor who will guide them to answer the basic questions that every photographer shou…

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Scholarship Foundation Fuentes Dutor 2014

The Cátedra College of engineers industrial of the public University of Navarre is financed by the official College of industrial engineers of Navarre and aims to contribute to the generation of knowledge in the areas of mechanical engineering. It supports and encourages research and professional activity of industrial engineers. La Commission joint of follow-up of the Chair, within its programme of activities for the year 2014, has approved t…

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