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BBK Fundazioa fellowships for economists

…each of the companies. the result of the selection will be communicated by email. date maximum for the presentation of the CV and other documents will be Sept. 23. people interested should formalize your request through www.ekonomista.org or at the headquarters of the College Basque economists (C/Rodríguez Arias, 4 2-left-Bilbao)….

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Booty curating exhibitions and museums 2014-2015 management scholarships

at the beginning of the enjoyment of the scholarship, 25% in the two following natural quarters; and 5% upon receipt of the final report. The application and documentation will be presented exclusively via telematics through www.fundacionbotin.org Copy of the VAT Passport-size photo. Curriculum vitae, with indication of studies, professional activities, grants, etc. Must attach copy of the academic record, copies of titles, etc. Posted in wh…

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Scholarships for Master WOP-P Erasmus Mundus

e University of Brasília, in Brazil, and the University of Guelph, in Canada. there are two types of scholarship. Type A scholarships (for non-European or non-resident students in Europe – more specific information in www.erasmuswop.org) and type B scholarships (for resident or European students in Europe – more specific information on the web) type A: covers tuition and other registration fees and a monthly payment between 1,400…

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College Scholarships Foundation new Bank between Ríos

…ization Industrial faculty REGIONAL SANTA FE engineering Civil engineering power Engineering Industrial engineering mechanics engineering in systems of information students interested may register by entering to www.fundacionbersa.org.ar and completing the documentation required until July 4….

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Scholarships Master education emotional, Social and creativity 2013-2014

In the academic year 2011 / 2012 began the Master in emotional, Social education and creativity in the framework of the Campus International of the excellence of the University of Cantabria, thanks to a collaboration agreement between the Botín Foundation and the Faculty of education. the pre-registration period for the third call that will start the school year 2013 / 2014 ends on September 13, 2013. La Botín Foundation Announces 15 scholar…

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IV Premio Fundación CYD of journalism

…nominations may be submitted by the interested professionals themselves or third parties; and must be accompanied by the reasons in which is based the proposal, stating the full name with your contact details: address, phone number and email address. The jury may also take into consideration candidacies that, having not yet been tabled, gather sufficient merit in his opinion. – Proposals for nominations shall be forwarded, no later than…

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Network of schools of music Valencia scholarships

…ankia. Up to a maximum of 20 points. d) other qualitative criteria of the application requests study estimated. Up to a maximum of 10 points. will also attend territoriality criteria, so the awards are proportional to the number of inhabitants of the different provinces that make up the region of Valencia. applications and required documentation, will be presented: in person at any branch of Bankia or,     At the headquarters of the FSMCV…

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Master’s scholarship in Chile for education professionals

…will receive in response a message which indicate that the period of consultations of this invitation to tender is complete. estimated date of award/publication of results: December 2012. the results will be published in www.becaschile.cl, www.conicyt.cl and www.becasconicyt.cl….

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I study and work scholarships

…ody where it will perform work. Develop the tasks assigned. Every three months provide original proof of study issued by the school in. young people must complete the registration form which will be available on the website: www.inscripcion.com.uy. The registration period to May 8 at 17.30 hrs. all participants will participate in a drawing which, as a result, will have a ranked list of them. Respecting the order of this list, will be awarded…

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Fundación Mapfre program agrees

…vel of the family unit that a member of the family is unemployed. number of the family unit in school-age children. the application for grants for books and school supplies must be telematics through the following link: www.recapacita.fundacionmapfre.com. A maximum of three scholarships will be awarded per household. aid will have an amount of 150 euros for primary school pupils and 200 euros for students of ESO. The amount of the aid wil…

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