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JCR 2011 International Scholarship for Scientists and Medical Doctors, Japan

…ip) * Those who have ever received the JCR scholarship award are also eligible to apply, as long as requirements above are satisfied. II. Scholarship grant Maximum ¥150,000 (one hundred fifty thousand Japanese yen) / person + complimentary registration and hotel accommodation during the meeting – From an Asian country: ¥100,000 (one hundred thousand Japanese yen) – From non Asian country: ¥150,000 (one hundred fifty thousand Japanese…

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PhD Students in Molecular Medicine, Helsinki, Finland

Position announced on: Jan 18, 2011 Apply at latest on: Feb 15, 2011 at 3:45 PM Fixed-term: –  Employer: Independent institutes Institute for Molecular Medicine Finland (FIMM)   The Institute for Molecular Medicine Finland (FIMM, www.fimm.fi ) was established in 2007 as a partner institution of the European Molecular Biology Laboratory ( www.embl.org ) together with Nordic nodes for molecular medicine in Norway (NCMM) and Sweden…

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Scholarships for attendees of language in United Kingdom (FLA)

…n our country. Call for proposals opens every year between September and November and is to travel in September / October of the following academic year. The results are announced in March. Program details and FAQ in Spanish: www.britishcouncil.org/es/argentina-education-asistenteslengua-enru.htm in English: www.britishcouncil.org/languageassistants.htm Forms and registration at www.me.gov.ar/dnci/becas06.html Contact information: Ministry of edu…

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Scholarships DAAD for long stays of Germany research

…r/download/becas_de_investigacion.pdf More information on these and other grants at the Centre of information of the DAAD, Av Corrientes 319, 1st floor, Room 6 (Autónoma) Buenos Aires Tel/Fax: + 54 11 4319-4722 ic@daad.org.ar www.daad.org.ar For Spain, see: http://www.daad.es End of term: on October 1 of each year (usually)…

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Scholarship professional training degree Madrid

of 17 November, General subsidies. physical applications conform to the official model established in each order of call and they will be available and completed through the institutional website of the community of Madrid www.madrid.org the application must be completed and signed by the student and, where appropriate, by the father and the mother or guardian and tutor of the student. Also may be application telematics through the instituti…

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Scholarship DAAD for research in Germany short stays

…n addition certain benefits for insurance in Germany. The DAAD also provide as a general rule, a fixed amount appropriate for travel expenses are covered by the country of origin or other financial source. More information in www.daad.org.ar/download/becas_de_investigacion.pdf or in the Centre of information of the DAAD, Av. Corrientes 319, 1st floor, Room 6 (Autónoma) Buenos Aires Tel/Fax: + 54 11 4319-4722 Email: ic@daad.org.ar www.daad.org.ar…

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PhD Scholarship in Genetic Analysis of Archived Tissue Collections from Fish

…versity of Denmark. The purpose of DTU Aqua is to provide research, advice and education at the highest international level within the sustainable exploitation of living marine and freshwater resources, the biology of aquatic organisms and the development of ecosystems as well as their integration in ecosystem-based management. The institute has an international research staff comprising approx. 90 academic employees.Project dtype=”text/jav…

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DUO-Thailand Fellowship Program (Phase II)

…6. The areas of exchange are focused but not limited to the following areas: 6.1 Alternative Energy, 6.2 Biotechnology/Food Technology, 6.3 Business System Design, 6.4 Health Sciences, 6.5 Wood Tachnology, 6.6 Information and Communication Technology, 6.7 Logistics and Supply Chain Management, 6.8 Tourism and Hospitality Management. 7. Priority is given to the creation of new projects.   Duration of the exchange Students The duration of the…

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Primitivo Vega research scholarship to older people

promotion of healthy lifestyle habits. Deadline: October 18, 2011 applications: to be eligible for the scholarship, stakeholders must be completed on the Internet address www.fundacionmapfre.com/devega2011 No. 1 of application of the director of the project questionnaire and obtain the registration number.Later it must send a signed copy of this questionnaire, including the above-mentioned nu…

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…to qualify for the prizes of this call must be submitted by the candidates themselves or by other persons or institutions, both public and private, by filling out the form included in this booklet, which is also available at: www.fundacionmapfre.com to this questionnaire should accompany the following documentation: – Dossier or explanatory report of the project, action or Professional biography presented to the award, as is indicated in…

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