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Australian National University Postgraduate Scholarships in Business, Economics – Australia 2010 2011

Postgraduate Scholarship – Business – Economics – Australian National University – Australia – 2010-2011The Australian National University (ANU) College of Business and Economics and the Australian-American Fulbright Commission have teamed up to establish a new Scholarship for American Scholars studying in the area of business or economics. The first Scholarship will be awarded in 2010.The Scholarship is valued up t…

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PostDoc Position Genetic and functional analysis of novel antigens from Gram-positive bacterial pathogens

The position is for 2 years.Gram-positive bacterial pathogens are a major global health problem today, especially due to their ability to attain multiple drug resistance. These pathogens elaborate an array of virulence factors, ranging from capsules to secreted enzymes, which ensure their success as human pathogens. Most of these factors are surface-associated or secreted proteins that are indeed excellent antigens. Inspite of the advances in av…

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International Luis Valtueña’s humanitarian Photography Award.

Requirements: They may participate photographers and both professional and amateur photographers and fond of age, of any nationality.Staffing: Scholarship of the work of eight thousand euros (8. 000€). application: each participant may submit up to ten photos, being part of a series or not. Photographs may be submitted in color or black and white. Those works carried out between January and October, 2011 will be accepted. Only those works that…

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The Inter-American press society scholarships

…Saieh, Copesa, Chile. Since the establishment of the Scholarship Fund in 1954, the programme has benefited approximately 400 journalists from the Americas. For details on requirements and fill out the form, visit the website: www.sipiapa.org or write to: IAPA Scholarship Fund, 1801 SW 3rd Avenue, Suite 800. Tel: (305) 634-2465 Miami, Florida 33129, u.s.a. E-mail: becas@sipiapa.org

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International Prize for graphic novel ‘ drawing between cultures.

Requirements: May submit to the international prize of graphic novel “Drawing between cultures” all authors that want it, regardless of their nationality or place of residence. may submit a project carried out by a single author or several members authors who shared their tasks between writers, artists, entintadores and colorful, that will be considered co-authors.Request:-must occur a proposal of at least 96 pages and maximum of 1…

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Cescas Fellowship in cardiovascular health

The Centre of excellence in Cardiovascular Health for the Southern Cone (CESCAS) and the National Institute of heart, lung, and blood (NHLBI) of the United States total scholarships offered for the master in effectiveness clinic of the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Buenos Aires (UBA). Scholarships are for health professionals (cardiologists, nutritionists, neumonólogos, nurses, doctors, etc.) and people from another profession (traine…

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Scholarships short psychiatry psychology childhood and adolescence

…osts of travel, stay, health insurance and maintenance during the period of the fellowship. economic allocation shall be paid into the bank account designated by the scholar in the following manner: requirements Spanish nationality. Be psychiatrists (MIR) or clinical psychologists (PIR) with training in the area of childhood and adolescence. For the area of neuroscience, they must be post-doctoral researchers. Fluent in spoken and written E…

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