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Programme of scholarships for study and research Quebec 2012-2013 FQRNT

…(UQAM)-19/07/2011 Aimed at students and foreign researchers wishing to start or continue their studies or research in Quebec. Students from all disciplines may apply for the program. Deadline: September 1, 2011 Applications: Complete form: http://www.international.uqam.ca/ Provincias o Paises de la beca: América  – …

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Grant 30 º human rights course

…: the deadline for submission will be 00: 00 h (Spain timezone) from October 17 to 00: 00 h (Spain timezone) of November 3, 2011 requests: applicants must complete the application form, available on the website of the IDHC: www.idhc.org. This contains all compulsory and information necessary to submit the application: a) personal information b) job information, if applicable c) experience in human rights d) academic information, if appl…

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Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarship (Vanier CGS)

…1 to be considered for a Vanier CGS, you must: – be nominated by a single Canadian Universitywhich should have received a Vanier CGS allocation; – find financial support to continue their first PhD title (or combined MA / PhD or MD / PhD); – have completed no more than 20 months of doctoral courses from may 2012 01 – have reached an average of first class, as determined University, in each of the last two years o…

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Call Postdoctoral 2011

The University of Deusto sets this programme for the adoption of postdoctoral researchers to build their research teams of high-performance. The objective is to establish a centre of excellence in r & d (Deusto Advanced Research Centre), to reach a scientific and technological development, through research, disseminating their results to cooperate in the development of society. The incorporation of this type of research must promote the…

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Individual grants to study

The ÍNEA Foundation in collaboration with the Foundation Network Íncola and Colegio Mayor Menéndez y Pelayo convened a total of 16 scholarships for study of elementary education, compulsory secondary education, high school and University, for students registered in the municipality of Valladolid resident immigrants. this aid, intended to be an instrument aimed at promoting the principle of equal opportunities in the exercise o…

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“Pablo Motos” research scholarship 2011

…of the development of the project through the presentation of a report on the situation of the research project and economic report it presented by the researcher and the remaining 30 % at the end, after the submission of the comprehensive report of the project and the economic report. The scholarship will be to develop a research project that will have a maximum duration of two years. The scholarship origin: Spanish Federation of CF – 08/0…

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Leonardo mobility 2011 scholarships

ience at the level – not having enjoyed a scholarship Leonardo prior date limit: September 18, 2011 requests: the scholarship application form is located on the website of the Fundación Luis Vives and fill online: www.fundacionluisvives.org the deadline for the submission of applications opens with the publication of these bases and will end the day September 18, 2011. They will not be accepted past applications that date. On O…

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Scholarships Navarra ‑ practices international 2011.

lectronic: – the application in accordance with the form which is available on the service of international projection, (calle Arrieta, 8 ‑ 5th floor), in the Portal of Government of Navarre on the internet: www.navarra.es (grants and scholarships) and on the websites of the partners in the management of the grants. – a photocopy of the national document of identity or equivalent, in case that the application is not fi…

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Visiting Research Fellowships, Victoria University – 2010/11

…, Director, Centre for Studies in Religion and Society, University of Victoria. Applications may be sent by email to csrs@uvic.ca or by mail or courier to the CSRS address available here. Selection is made the by CSRS Program Committee based on the academic merit of the proposal, the views of the referees, and the recent scholarly activity of the candidate. Proposals submitted outside of the regular application deadline schedule may also be consi…

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