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Scholarships in Siberia Russian course

The Center Spanish of the University Federal of Siberia (Krasnoyarsk, Russia) summons, through the AUHR, 16 scholarships to carry out an intensive three-week, Russian language and culture in particular, between July 14 and Aug. 3. training will take place in the Siberian city of Krasnoyarsk, at the geographical centre of Russia, an exotic natural environment bathed by the powerful and spectacular Yenisei River, inhabited by Siberian forests,…

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Grants Alumni UC3M 2014 2015

…with scarce economic means, primarily from other autonomous communitiesthey can study at the University Carlos III of Madrid. grants funding comes mostly from contributions of alumni of the University, students, companies, institutions, individuals, sponsors of the academic rankings of the University and the University community. You can also contribute funds the UC3M Foundation. in this way, the UC3M Foundation calls for the academic year…

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Scholarships of excellence of Castilla – La Mancha

Castilla – La Mancha announces their scholarship of excellence for the year 2013 / 2014, in two ways: on the one hand, scholarships for those students who have begun their university studies in Castilla – La Mancha and obtained outstanding academic results in the entrance examinations to the University, with a grade of 9 or higher; on the other, to students enrolled in college courses after the initial with an average of 9 or higher…

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Fellowship training of archivists, librarians and documentalists

The Congress convenes twelve individual grants for practical training for university graduates or graduates in archival, bibliographic activities and documentaries of the camera. The development of the scholarships will be directed by the Directorate of documentation, library and archive, the direction of studies, analysis and publications and by the Department of official editing and documentary treatment. Studies and work carried out will rema…

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Scholarships for the course of Community Health Management in Thailand

The Government of Thailand and the Agency of international cooperation of Chile (AGCI) call for a scholarship for the course Community Health Management and Empowerment to Promote Healthy Communities, aimed at professionals with experience in the area. the course aims to give participants expertise upon with important concepts in health management and will be held in person in September 2015. to be eligible for this scholarship, you have to…

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Postdoctoral Research Fellowship in Stochastic Analysis at University of Oslo in Norway, 2017

University offers a number of general and subject-specific funding schemes. The aim of the fellowship is to attract the best and most motivated people to Norway. The University of Oslo, is the oldest, largest and most prestigious university in Norway, located in the Norwegian capital of Oslo. UiO attracts students and researchers from all over the world. The candidate must have a PhD or other corresponding education equivalent to a Norwegian doc…

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Postdoctoral Fellowship in Nutrition at University of Oslo in Norway, 2016

One position as a postdoctoral research fellow is available for 3 years at the Institute of Basic Medical Sciences, Department of Nutrition. Norwegian and foreign applicants can apply for these fellowships. University offers a number of general and subject-specific funding schemes. The aim of the fellowship is to attract the best and most motivated people to Norway. Candidates must have a Ph.D. equivalent to a Norwegian doctoral degree. Scholars…

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Department of Informatics Postdoctoral Research Fellowships in Norway, 2016

1-2 positions as Postdoctoral research fellow is available at the Robotics and Intelligent Systems (ROBIN) group at the Department of Informatics, University of Oslo, Norway. Norwegian and foreign applicants can apply for these fellowships. University offers a number of general and subject-specific funding schemes. The aim of the fellowship is to attract the best and most motivated people to Norway. The candidate must have a PhD or other corresp…

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Scholarships postgraduate abroad of the Mutua Madrileña Foundation

…rters of the length of study for which the scholarship is requested shall be developed abroad. The call is addressed to graduates, engineers, computer senior, senior architects and graduates top (Bologna), as well as students in the last year of any of these qualifications. Requirements: Being the son of mutualista, natural person who fulfils at least 20 years old at the time of the request and to keep that fact during the term of the scholarship…

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Valencia dance V International Campus scholarships

Valencia dance (International Campus) is a program developed in the city of Valencia, which enables both technical and artistic part of the dance professionals of international renown. It is a private project promoted by the ADAM Association (Association of dance and art of the Mediterranean) since 2009 with the following purposes: • offer classes, Repertory and dance workshops of quality such as Nacho Duato, William Forsythe, Tony Fabre, Hans…

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