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Scholarships Conacyt Funed 2014

The National Council of science and technology (CONACYT) and the Mexican Foundation for education, technology and Science (FUNED) call Funed 2014 Conacyt scholarships for Mexican professionals wishing to conduct master studies in the areas of the knowledge set out in this call. Applications will be considered preferably of scholarship for graduate studies in any of the universities with which the CONACYT has signed an agreement of collaboration,…

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University of Oviedo mobility grade, engineering and Bachelor’s degree

…tay, among all students selected to deplete the funds existing in this call. In the case of mobility with the University of Perugia (Italy) aid shall be 150 EUR for each selected student. will be financed from the following application of the year 2014 and that covering this call in the year 2015: 20.02. 134B. 491.07 up to a maximum of 95,000 euros (60,000 euros, financial year 2014 and 35,000 euros, exercise 2015). 1 General requirements. Be…

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Grants Alumni UC3M 2014 2015

…o members 24.853,40 euros families of three members 33.734,80 euros families of four members 40.063,10 euros families of five members 44.778,80 Euro demonstrate a clear economic need of the family unit, justifying the application for the grant, through the presentation of the economic documentation. Computable member applicant, the fathers, the brothers and sisters who live in the family home and the ancestors of parents who prove their c…

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Photography scholarships GrisArt 2014

…applicant may only qualify for one of the six modes of scholarship. The beneficiary will be free of course offered by GrisArt during next academic year 2014-2015. each participant must submit the following documentation: : application form, duly completed, which is located in s/becas.php B: digital copy of ID card or passport. C: complete Curriculum vitae (maximum 2,500 characters without spaces). Aside from the usual cont…

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Booty 2014 Foundation Arts grants

The Botín Foundation allocated 220,000 euros to fine arts scholarships for training, research and personal projects in the field of artistic creation (not theoretical works), for artists of any nationality. The Fundación Botín may reserve a scholarship for artists resident in Cantabria, or natural provided that the application understands change of residence. The aid will be direct, indivisible and non-transferable. Do not cover family benefits….

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Program studies seeks talent 2014

…hedule. Conciseness and coherence of the budget.  Appreciate the proposals that require collaboration with other disciplines for its development and realization. call for proposals closes on Wednesday, April 16, 2014. for application will be required to submit the following documentation: – statement of registration and accompanying documentation that are specifically in the same. – Passport / DNI / NIE – Copy of the…

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Fellowships Inspiring Young Entrepreneurs 2014

…r.  documentation will be sent by e-mail to The documentation is not received within the period stipulated in the rules of this contest will not be accepted.  candidates should submit attached to the mail application, before Friday, January 31: CV of maximum one page (A4), including the data of contact (email and phone) and age or date of birth Report of experience as an entrepreneur: maximum three pages (excluding annexes)…

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2014 Visual Arts scholarships

…to the best projects or proposed forming arts presented by young artists resident or natural in Huesca, under 35 years of age. Aid for the training will be equipped with a maximum of 6,000 euros. the deadlines for submitting applications will be completed the next day, August 12, 2014 for both calls the jury will evaluate the projects and will decide the awarding of scholarships by September 30, 2014, resolution and must notify the interested…

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Scholarships BBVA AM in management of assets 2014

…with a compensation of 12,000 euros gross per year. its functions during the educational grant will be based on a specific training Plan designed by the Department of investments. The objectives of this plan are to know the application of House View of BBVA Asset Management; Learn about the monitoring of the portfolios of funds and plans; and to deepen knowledge about the rotation of assets in the portfolios, the valuation of assets and perform…

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