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Government of Mexico scholarships for foreigners

The Government of Mexico announces scholarships for foreigners whose requests may be submitted until August 30. Will be awarded grants for stays in the framework of the following programmes: visiting faculty High level Conference Genaro Estrada for keeping experts scholarship Stays for artistic creation Stays for contributors to media Improvement of the quality of the Mexican institutions of secondary education and higher these grants only ap…

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Grants for open Government, Digital Journalism and Audiovisual production

o, Digital Journalism and citizen participation. Interested persons may participate and research in these areas, observing from within these processes and ways of working. He is considered that it is a support and significant step towards new media, administrations, universities, schools and students. the duration of the fellowships will be 24 months, computable from the date of incorporation and shall be granted by the competition procedure….

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Communication of the Government of Aragon scholarships

following the acceptance until December 31, 2014.  Podran participate in the subject matter of the present order those people who meet the following requirements: to) possess Spanish nationality or that of another Member State of the European Union. b) having been born in the autonomous community of Aragon or carry living six months therein to the date of the end of the deadline for submission of applications. c) have obtained a title of…

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Scholarships for training of professionals in the area of open Government

Scholarships to promote the specialization and training of professionals in the field of the open government / Open Government in the Basque country. Four scholarships, two scholarships of open Government, transparency and citizen participation in Internet and other two Digital Journalism Fellowships are called. the provision of each of the four scholarships will be 14.280 euros. The duration of the fellowships will be twelve months applicat…

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Grants from the Government for foreigners 2013 Mexico

Mexico Government convenes their scholarships for foreigners by 2013 to conduct studies of: specialization, masters and doctorate Medical specialties Research postgraduate Posdoc Mobility at the undergraduate and graduate level Rooms for artistic creation High-level conferences Research for mexicanistas Stays for media partners Rooms for visiting professors. No scholarship is awarded for pre-admission courses or for direct doctorates (postgra…

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The Embassy of France and the Arequipa Regional Government grants

The Arequipa Regional Government and the Embassy of France signed a framework agreement establishing a device in support of scientific and student mobility in the Region of Arequipa to France on March 26, 2010. For the first time in the Peru, a Regional Government undertakes to set up a Fund of 40,000 euros annually to finance the mobility of 4 students of Master and PhD of the Arequipa region 2. candidates are selected by a mixed jury made up…

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Scholarships Conacyt – Government of the State of Puebla 2014

National Council of science and technology, in order to strengthen regional and national capacities that promote scientific, technological development and innovation, to contribute to the progress of the country and the increase of the competitiveness, will award 100 scholarships for postgraduate studies abroad study to the Government of the State of Puebla that benefit the population of the State that you want to be part of this program through…

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Swiss Government Scholarships for Costa Rica Students, 2017-2018

lence Scholarships to promote international exchange and research cooperation between Switzerland and over 180 other countries. Recipients are selected by the awarding body, the Federal Commission for Scholarships for Foreign Students (FCS). Applicants from outside the home country will often need to meet specific English language/other language requirements in order to be able to study there. PhD Scholarships Postdoctoral scholarships: Research…

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Scholarship of the Government of New Zealand in 2015

The Government of New Zealand awards scholarships to students who want to make this country your place of destination for their master’s and doctoral studies.It is important to note that currently are not open calls for students European or North American, from the Government of New Zealand want to empower students in less-favoured areas. knowledge of English by the student is absolutely necessary, and your domain depends on the destinati…

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Nanjing Government Scholarship at China Pharmaceutical University in China, 2017

Applications are invited for Nanjing Government Scholarship at China Pharmaceutical University in China for the year 2017. Non-Chinese nationals are eligible to apply for these scholarships. Nanjing Government Scholarship is established by Nanjing government, Jiangsu province aiming to support more excellent international student to study and do scientific research in Nanjing. China Pharmaceutical University (CPU), situated in the historical and…

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