sripatum university jatujak chemistry conference 2013

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Scholarships for master’s degree in the University of Oviedo

icated to the attention and care of children under five years between January 1, 2008 and January 1, 2013; graduates who prove their collaboration with any NGOs between 2008 and 2013; graduates in medicine, pharmacy, biology, chemistry or psychology, which are the official certificate of specialty in biology (BIR), chemical (surgical) or psychology (PIR) or at the time of applying for the scholarship are in possession of the official title of the…

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Vulcanus in Japan scholarships

onths, and an internship in a Japanese company for 8 months. applicants must be national EU, University students from the third year or post-graduate, of the branch of engineering or Sciences (computer science, engineering, chemistry, biotechnology, physics, telecommunications, production systems,…) enrolled in a European University during the current academic year. students must be able to reside in Japan for one year in accordance wit…

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Embark on your practices 2013

The Fundación José Manuel Entrecanales for innovation in sustainability (FJME) was born in October 2009 and is created with the dual objective of promoting innovative initiatives that contribute to sustainable economic development and promote culture and society with sustainability commitment. with the program “Start your practice” Fundación José Manuel Entrecanales has launched an initiative unprecedented in Spain with which stude…

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Iberdrola Foundation research grants

…hip program and environment, the Iberdrola Foundation offers a total of 13 new grants to study master in United Kingdom. to do so, may choose among five British centres of great prestige: the Imperial College of London, the University of Edinburgh, Strathclyde University, the University of Liverpool and the University of Glasgow. aid eligible graduates, graduates and students from last year of Spanish, British or American nationality wishing…

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Scholarships for master’s degree for universities in France

…y of these two provinces over the past 7 years. Possess a baccalaureate or professional degree.  The Bachelor’s degree must have been obtained before July 2010. Have belonged to the upper third of their promotion at the University who earned his Bachelor’s degree or title. Have basic knowledge of the French language and be willing to refine his mastery of this language, under his responsibility, until July 2013. Be presented by the le…

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Masters scholarships University of Oviedo UNED

Public announcement of scholarships for university studies leading to the obtaining of the official title of Master’s degree, offered by the University of Oviedo and the Universidad Nacional de Educación a Distancia para academic year 2013-2014. Podran to be beneficiaries of grants students who enroll in the academic year indicated in the corresponding announcement in teachings leading to a degree of Master’s degree, offered by the…

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Five scholarships of the Bank of Spain for extension of studies

…nternational economics and Econometrics. eligible to grants subject to this call all Spaniards who go to initiate or complete the extension of studies abroad or in Spain and who are in possession of the title of Bachelor or university degree, or another analogue, according to the Bank of Spain. On an exceptional basis, applications from students enrolled in the final year of his career will be accepted. In these cases, the awarding of the schol…

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Scholarships for courses of English UMH

The present call for scholarships is intended to fund courses of the 2nd half of the “Plan UMH English learning” from the academic year 2012 / 2013. the call is intended only to students of the University Miguel Hernández of Elche enrolled in English of UMH courses offered during the 2nd semester of the academic year 2012 / 2013 and which have completed (suitable) use a course Plan UMH learning of English during the 1st semester of…

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Scholarships for language courses in the United Kingdom and Ireland

…y included in the conditions of the selected course. Podran applying for these scholarships young people who meet the following requirements: reside in Valencia. Be 18 years of age and have not attained 31 years. Complete university studies in the universities that make up the Valencian University system in 2013, or have earned the top grade of vocational training centres in the region of Valencia. Having obtained in the academic year 2011 /…

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Photograph of author, Photobook international and professional photography

…or skype. the Master European photography of author, the specialization course of professional photography and the Photobook international specialization course taught in English. There are some activities, case studies or conferences that are taught in Spanish with simultaneous translation. Medium-high level of English is required. dynamics of the contest: participants will have to fill in the form of participation in the competition by att…

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