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Scholarship DES summer 2014 in management, leadership and educational competition

…r attention in their performance as the students in training.  La DES scholarship will be granted a maximum of 260 beneficiaries in order to follow the seminar of management, leadership and educational competitiveness that dictate the ESAN University, to full-time, for thirty-five days and a dictation of 200 (two hundred) hours effective.  a. Peruvian nationality application requirements b. work in focused areas c. have maximum 60 years…

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Scholarships Conacyt Funed 2014

…ts of tuition in all the calls 2014, will be assigned according to the exchange rate of the day of publication of the first list of the calls 2014 results.    – Support for health insurance and, where appropriate, to direct financial dependants that accompany the fellow the country where will conduct their studies, based on tab CONACYT officer.  – The selection of institutions, programs, projects and recipients of the support of…

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Grant authors novice 2014 PhotOn Festival

…scholarship PhotOn Festival IV. in this way, the requirements to participate in this call are: 1. Be new authors. Shall be considered novel to any author, regardless of age, whose professional career is not consolidated, did not receive any award of importance or seen their work published in media of importance in the story section. The organization is responsible for checking with the biography of the author and the public information avail…

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University of Oviedo mobility grade, engineering and Bachelor’s degree

Call of mobilities of study for degree, engineering and undergraduate students of the University of Oviedo in the framework of the cooperation agreements signed with foreign universities, summer of 2014 and 2014-2015 academic year. the purpose of this call is to offer to students of the University of Oviedo the possibility of linguistic and cultural courses and degree, engineering studies and degree in various foreign universities, during the…

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Monash High Achiever Awards for International Students in Malaysia, 2017

The Monash University Malaysia is accepting applications for High Achiever Awards. These awards are available for pursuing all undergraduate courses except Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS), Bachelor of Psychological Science, and Bachelor of Pharmacy. Monash University Malaysia is in a unique position to offer the very best in higher education that is possible within Malaysia and the region. Sound English language skills are re…

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Grants Alumni UC3M 2014 2015

…estors of parents who prove their coexistence on a permanent basis are considered.  In the case of applicants who constitute a separate family unit, your children and your spouse or person with which the CSIS. In the event of divorce, separation legal or in fact shall not be computable Member the spouses who do not live with the applicant. Yes it will be computable Member the new spouse or person that live together, also computing in their income…

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Scholarship Erasmus Kutxabank 2014-2015

Kutxabank Announces Erasmus scholarships for the academic year 2014 / 2015 aimed at students enrolled in the University of the Basque country or the University of Deusto and who have been admitted to the program of mobility of students for studies. program has a fixed budget, which is split among the beneficiaries according to the number of months of stay in the targeted universities. Therefore, cannot be determined a priori the number of scho…

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Scholarships Master education emotional, Social and creativity 2013-2014

…ship students pre-registered in the Master. The call will be open during the enrollment period, namely until September 13, 2013. given that the call will be completed via telematics, all documentation is attached separately digitized and compressed in a .zip file which shall not exceed 4 Mb. La Botín Foundation reserves the right to request the original at any time during the selection process, adjudication and payment. photocopy of D.N.I….

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Scholarship Lens of photography 2014

Lens School of Visual Arts Announces Scholarship Lens of photography 2014 with the aim of making it accessible to the fourth edition of his master’s degree in photography of author and professional photographers of talent projects and facilitate the development of quality projects during the same. scholarship covers academic master, valued at 7,250 euros. In addition, three runners up involving an aid of 50% discount on the total price…

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Photography scholarships GrisArt 2014

…rships GrisArt 2014 are presented six modes of scholarship whose staffing courses is as follows: scholarship-GrisArt advertising photography: equipped with lighting, advertising, portrait and fashion course, and a course of digital treatment of the image. Scholarship valued at 4.655 euros. Scholarship photo-report GrisArt: equipped with the course of documentary photography and photo-report, and a course of digital treatment of the image. Schol…

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