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Korean Government Scholarship Program for Graduate Students

1. Program Objective The Korean Government Scholarship Program is designed to provide higher education in Korea for international students in order to promote international exchange in education and mutual friendship between the participating countries. 2. Total number of Applicants for Selection : 600 persons o Korean Embassy(Consulate) : 365 persons 2010 KGSP Places Allocation for Korean Embassies (Consulates) Quota Number of Countries Name…

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The 2011 Rhodes Scholarship Competition, Oxford University UK

Application Deadline September 2, 2010 A Rhodes scholarship offers the opportunity to study at Oxford University for two years, with all tuition fees paid and a living allowance provided. American Rhodes Scholars are selected from all over the nation to pursue a course of study of their own choosing at Oxford; students may work toward a master’s degree or a second bachelor’s degree. In considering applications, Selection Committees will emphasiz…

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2010-2011 : The Reynolds Foundation Fellowship, Social Entrepreneurship, Harvard University, Cambridge, USA

The Fellowship will:Provide Fellows an opportunity to enroll in a new Kennedy School course on social entrepreneurship, along with the opportunity to take other social enterprise courses across the University.Create a strong link between the theory and practice of public service. Reynolds Foundation Fellows will be expected to participate in extracurricular praxes and/or summer internships related to the field of social entrepreneurship during t…

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Mexican Government Scholarships 2010

…high-level lecture visits, professional internship programs for visiting professors and postgraduate mobility.This Call for scholarships and grants shall be open from April 22 through August 31, 2009, and online registration of candidatures shall be done from July 15 to August 15, 2009, with the exception of the following Programs: “Genaro Estrada” Program for Specialists on Mexico; High-Level Lecture Program; Special Internship Program; Studies…

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Mazda 2013 art and science scholarships

The company Colombiana Automotriz S.A., as part of a commitment to the community, was the Mazda Foundation for art and science, in order to sponsor and encourage training at top level in the area of scientific knowledge the pure mathematics and theoretical physics, and the area of artistic expression the music. scholarships are awarded graduate Colombia or abroad, in theoretical physics, pure mathematics and music. abroad scholarships will…

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Traineeship to disseminate technical/scientific information processors to: technical/scientific publications on processing and crop production

…ity regularly occur in the olive oil and table olive industry, particularly in processing. The IOC wishes to harness this dynamism and to enhance the technical assistance it provides for its Members. The regular dissemination of technical/scientific information to olive oil mills and table olive processing plants could be of substantial help to industry professionals. The Executive Secretariat (ES) is seeking a young university graduate as a…

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Scientific Research Council research fellowships

State Agency Higher Council of scientific research invites research introduction scholarships for college students, in the framework of the programme for the expansion of Estudios “Junta”. ” these scholarships go to students enrolled in the final grade courses at faculties and university schools. It’s that this introduction to research, thanks to the work of end of degree, allows the State Agency CSIC show at the Univer…

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International PhD Program: Molecular Mechanisms of Cell Signaling at the MFPL, Vienna, Austria

MFPL is located at the Vienna Biocenter Campus (VBC) (, established in 1992 to connect eight life science departments doing research in molecular biology at the University of Vienna with the privately funded industry Research Institute of Molecular Pathology (IMP, Since then, the Campus has grown both in size and intellectually, until the recent addition of the Institute of Molecular Biotechnology (IMBA, w…

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Distance education XXIX course Iberoamericano

1) Know and appreciate adequately the theoretical foundations, any distance education teaching and evaluation methods. (2) Meet the educational model of the UNED in connection with the above objective. (3) Design a project of distance education to apply in the country of origin. (4) Participate in the work experience in a virtual learning community. The course will have a duration of 250 hours. All the activities planned in the course will be co…

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PhD Scholarship Positions in Computer Science and Engineering, IMT Italy

Competitions for admission are open in the following Ph.D. Programs at IMT:Computer Science and EngineeringThe doctoral program in Computer Science and Engineering at IMT provides researchers and professionals with a wide base of knowledge concerning the foundations of informatics and its application to a variety of systems and disciplines, focusing on aspects of particular importance in the present context. The new version of informatics is cha…

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