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* institution: Fundación Mapfre. * call for 45 grants for research projects in the area of health, being the work that versin of interest about: – orthopedic surgery and traumatology. – brain and spinal cord damage. – assessment of bodily harm. – health management: quality and clinical safety. – promoting health: diet and exercise. * requirements: researchers or research teams, the academic and profess…

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Scholarships, internships and collaboration in the field of European Affairs with destiny in the Aragon Government delegation to the European Union by the year 2012.

Requirements: They may participate in the call object of the present order persons who meet the following requirements provided for in article 3 of Decree 317 2011, September 27: (a) possess Spanish nationality or that of any other Member State of the European Union. (b) having been born in the autonomous community of Aragon, or six months lead residing therein to the end date of deadline for submission of applications. (c) have obtained a title…

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Focus-Abengoa 2011 painting international award

The Foundation Fund of culture of Seville (Focus-Abengoa) calls for painting Prize International Focus-Abengoa 2011. Shall be eligible for the award all artists of any of the States members of the European Union, America, or resident therein, who have not obtained Prize and second prize in previous calls. Thus Awards painting Focus-Abengoa, already long tradition and prestigious, extend to authors not only of Spanish nationality. The theme for t…

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Scholarship Primitivo Vega attention to older people.

Requirements: FUNDACIÓN MAPFRE summons the “ scholarship Primitivo de Vega ” of research to facilitate financial support for the realization of scientific work in the area of care for the elderly. strength: fifteen thousand (15,000) euros. No. scholarships: 1 request: to apply for the scholarship, stakeholders must be completed with the Internet address No.1 questionnaire request o…

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Scholarships Ignacio Hernando Larramendi: Health, prevention and environment.

Requirements: The requirements that must meet the participants in this call are as follows: – prove to be a citizen of any Latin American country or Portugal with Spain residence. – hosted by a University, educational institution, of research or health centre, which expressly undertakes to monitor training activities and research of the candidate. – attach letter of acceptance or admission of the head of the Center…

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Aid for research: insurance, health, prevention and environment.

Requirements: Research aid are addressed to researchers or teams of research, academic and professional, wishing to develop research programmes in the above-mentioned areas, independently or within the framework of universities, hospitals, companies or research centres to which they are attached.Staffing: Fifteen thousand (15,000) EUR No. scholarships: 75 request: to be eligible for aid, interested parties must be completed with the Inte…

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Korean Government Scholarship Program for Graduate Students

1. Program Objective The Korean Government Scholarship Program is designed to provide higher education in Korea for international students in order to promote international exchange in education and mutual friendship between the participating countries. 2. Total number of Applicants for Selection : 600 persons o Korean Embassy(Consulate) : 365 persons 2010 KGSP Places Allocation for Korean Embassies (Consulates) Quota Number of Countries Name…

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A Call for International Graduate Students at the System-on-Chip Design Lab, Chosun University, Korea

1. QualificationsAn applicant and his/her parents must have foreign citizenship and come under each of the following:1) Graduated or is going to graduate from a bachelor’s or master’s program in a foreign country(Dept. of Electronic Eng., Computer Science Eng., Information and Communication Eng., and IT related Eng.)2) Must have IBT score of 80 (CBT 210 or PBT 550) or higher.3) Must have superior CGPA2. Research Areas1) Circuit/ASIC design,…

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15 PhD Scholarships in Berlin Graduate School Muslim Cultures and Societies, Germany

The formal prerequisite for application to the programme is a master’s degree in one of the disciplines represented at the Graduate School (see List of PIs), with ranking, where applicable, of above average (or German Magister or Diplom, with a grade of “very good”). Candidates are expected to submit an outline of the proposed dissertation project (maximum 6 pages, with a summary of no more than half a page), to include a short description…

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Visiting Research Fellowships, Victoria University – 2010/11

The Centre for Studies in Religion and Society invites applications from scholars in Canada or abroad for visiting fellowship appointments of up to 12 months’ duration during the 2010/11 academic year.The purpose of the fellowship is to provide research space and an environment conducive to writing and reflection to scholars working on research projects in the area of religion and society. TopicsThe Centre welcomes applications from all discipli…

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