sau edu result pk entry test 2013 tando jam

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Peking University scholarships

…. Interested students can download the program of the course of winter 2013. Programming includes the Chinese language course, classes of Chinese culture (calligraphy, history, martial arts, crafts, etc.) and cultural visits. pku2 the direction of the Confucius Institute will consider all submitted documentation to perform the valuation and the measure of the candidates. Applicants must provide a copy of the following documentation (in Spanish)…

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Scholarships Masters intensive 2013 IED Madrid

…larship. The IED Madrid shall not the student access to other program master or course, if you have selected will not be for lack of students. 15. The waiver to take the course in the call of the intensive 2013 masters will result in the loss of the scholarship. 16. Scholarships given their agreement to have his name appear in Newspoint newsletter and other promotional materials of the IED in Madrid. 17. The deadline to participate ends Dec…

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La Caixa scholarships for PhD in Spanish universities

…ish degree, or equivalent, with master degree. also have access to those who are in any of the following: be in possession of an official Spanish university degree, or another country member of the European area of higher education, which enable access to master, and have passed a minimum of 300 credits ECTS altogether College official, which, at least 60, must be master level. be in possession of an official Spanish degree of graduate or g…

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Youth in action 2013 scholarships

The Government of Mexico, through the Secretariat of public education, and the Government of the United States of America, through the Department of State, within the framework of its initiative “The force of 100,000 in the Americas”, in collaboration with the business community in both countries, announce that they will continue to offer the youth in action program in the summer of 2013. the program is aimed at Mexican students e…

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Fundación Barrié 45 scholarships postgraduate

…or one of these scholarships is also necessary to accredit the language only in cases in which the candidate does not have admission. In this way, to carry out studies taught in English be prices provide some of the following tests: (260 CBT or 105 iBT) TOEFL, IELTS (7) or the University of Cambridge Proficiency certificate. For studies conducted in other languages will have to accredit knowledge knowledge with the certificate that corresponds….

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Scholarships for artists UNESCO-Aschberg 2014

Scholarships for artists UNESCO-Aschberg programme promotes the mobility of young artists, in order to enrich their creative projects, thus enabling them to establish a dialogue on cultural diversity. programme offers residencies to young artists (between 25 and 35 years) around the world. The UNESCO-Aschberg advocates and promotes creativity, highlights the cultural exchange and the need of artists enrich themselves through contact with othe…

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Centro de Investigaciones sociológicas 2013 postgraduate scholarships

…ma graduate or degree, obtained within the four years prior to the date of publication of the announcement. Foreign qualifications or certificates issued in private Spanish centres, must be approved by the Spanish Ministry of education. The convoking authority will determine the suitability of the candidates in terms of acquisition of skills in view of the titles submitted according to the object given in article 1 of this call a posteriori. 2….

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Juan Pujol and Sureda for young artists 2013 fellowships

Juan Pujol and Sureda scholarships for young artists aims to stimulate and promote the artistic activity of young people. This call aims to act as a platform for promoting and helps the artistic creation of the young people of the Girona. in this call for proposals emphasizes the value of drawing as a vehicle of communication, representation and interpretation of reality. The selection test to share, through conversation and drawing, vital wit…

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Scholarship Emili Teixidor 2013

…mitted and have not published before any literary work or are planning to do so before the grant. the amount set aside to support will be 5,000 euros, which will be provided by the editorial column, books and communication, SAU, and which become effective during the period of preparation of the work, in the terms that shall be established in accordance with the characteristics of the project. the amount of the grant shall be deemed both schol…

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Monash Bursaries for Indonesian Students in Malaysia, 2016

rship can be taken in Malaysia College Admission Requirement Entrance Requirement: Undergraduate requirements: Satisfactory completion of one year, full-time study (two standard full-time semesters) of one of these programs: Test Requirement: No English Language Requirement: For entry to Monash University, students must meet the minimum English language requirements. Application must include one original test report meeting the minimum results l…

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