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The Latin American Council of social sciences scholarships

ply fully with all the requirements mentioned in this profile in the field of training, research, teaching and academic work. – Applicants to “Strengthen ing academic” (B2) grants should be scientists with PhD in course or full or complete graduate studies (or equivalent to a full master’s merits) and experience in research or teaching in the subject because of the competition that arise. – Applicants to “I…

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Scholarships, degree, post-graduate or research in the Slovak Republic

vak Republic is funded by the Ministry of education, science, research and sport of the Slovak Republic. the program national of scholarship of the Slovak Republic is intended to support the mobility of University students, PhD students, University professors, researchers and artists from abroad to stay at Slovak universities or organizations for research in Slovakia. national scholarship program scholarships are also intended for college stu…

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Fellowship in cancer research Fero translational

he following requirements: be researchers working in Spanish institutions involved in cancer research. Direct programs/groups/teams of research emerging or developing consolidation (between 0 and 10 years from obtaining the PhD or MD). They have focused their work on translational cancer research with a high component of clinical application. Submit a science project with potential clinical application. The memory must be submitted in English. …

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Carrillo Oñativia fellowships

profit (hospitals, CAPS, universities, agencies of Government, non-governmental organizations, foundations, scientific societies, etc). is considered to possess experience in research a: have approved a master’s or PhD thesis. Having participated in at least one research project with grant or have at least three scientific publications. Having obtained a beca Carrillo Oñativia beforehand. to participate in the call for scholarships Ca…

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Plan of research of the University of Granada

The 25th edition of the own research at the University of Granada, corresponding to the year 2013, the Vice-Rectorate for science policy and research presented to the University community is the result of the work carried out by the different teams that have managed this Vice over his twenty-five years. Programs including the 2013 Plan seek to respond to current needs that the University of Granada has in scientific policy and research, seeking…

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Scholarship Mapfre – Fundación Reina Sofia research Alzheimer’s

related to: 1) diseases neurodegenerative or 2) early diagnosis and treatment of dementia, or 3) diseases by prions languages: English fluent in conversation also will be valued as merit: Curriculum vitae: academic, PhD and research training Publications: Publications about research papers in scientific journals Research work: previous involvement in experimental or clinical research projects, especially in neurodegenerative diseases or…

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PhD, postdoctoral studies, research and development in Quebec

Excellence FQRNT scholarship for PhD, postdoctoral studies, research and development of Mexicans in Quebec (Canada) are called. scholarships are funded by the Research Fund of Quebec – nature and technology (FRQNT) and include the areas of knowledge of science, applied science, technology, engineering, social sciences, humanities and art (except language learning). scholarships for international students (V) and/or Mexicans (M) schol…

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PhD Research Fellowship in Cybersecurity for Norwegian and Foreign Applicants in Norway, 2016

University offers a number of general and subject-specific funding schemes. The aim of the fellowship is to attract the best and most motivated people to Norway. A good command of English is required of all students attending the University of Oslo. International students; PhD research fellows and postdoctoral research fellows who are not native speakers of English, must document their proficiency in English. Scholarship can be taken in Norway C…

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Program Seed Money Grant in Switzerland

The Secretary of State for education, research and innovation in Switzerland, through the Federal Polytechnic School of Lausanne, invites all researchers who are linked to a public university or Research Institute, to submit proposals for research to the program “Seed money grant 2015”. the purpose of this program is to support bilateral research cooperation through the financing of research projects. The projects will start in Sep…

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Grants for pre-doctoral 2015 for research contracts

fic research and innovation 2013-2016 on a competitive basis and applying the principles of advertising and objectivity. subsidies have as object the formation of doctors through funding of labour contracts, under contract, PhD, of researchers in training r & d centres, wishing to write a doctoral thesis associated with a research project financed by subsidies for r & d projects of the State subprogramme of generation of knowled…

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