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Supports mobility of human resources

Resolution of June 20, 2012, of the Secretary of State for education, vocational training and universities, by which summon grants for the period 2012-2013 of the national program of mobility of human resources in the framework of the National Plan of scientific research, development and technological innovation 2008-2011. the present call aims to facilitate the temporary incorporation of our university teaching staff and researchers at univer…

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Edna Money Future Pacific Leaders’ Scholarship at University of Waikato, 2016

University of Waikato is offering up to three undergraduate scholarships to academically talented Pacific students who demonstrate significant leadership potential. The recipients will participate in a tailored leadership and personal development programme. The value of each Scholarship will be $6,000 per annum for up to three years. The award will be paid in two equal installments annually. The application deadline is 15 September 2015 The Edn…

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Scholarship to excavate in Egypt 2013

Gaselec Foundation as a non-profit organization and under its bylaws entity promotes the scientific and cultural development and announces a grant for a collaborative volunteer project “vizier Amen-Hotep Huy (TA No. 28)”, in the campaign of excavations at the year 2013 developed by the Institute of studies of the ancient Egypt (IEAE) in Luxor, Egypt. who get the scholarship will be assigned a financial aid to cover the costs of tra…

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2012 Visual Arts scholarships

…them and open new strategies in the diffusion of art in its most immediate surroundings. objective Visual Arts scholarships Visual Arts Fellowships are intended to support cultural production and be a tool to facilitate the development of their own artistic projects to visual artists. Shall be assessed under these grants the ability to originate proposals, consistency and innovation projects, as well as the interest of the training to the OPTs….

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Scholarship Pablo Motos Spanish Federation of Cystic Fibrosis

…ship will be to develop a research project which will have a maximum duration of two years. staffing will be a maximum of 18,000 euros. 40% Of the total will be paid at the beginning of the project, 30% in the middle of the development of the project through the presentation of a report of the situation of the research and economic memory of this project presented by the researcher and the remaining 30% at the end of it, after the presentation…

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Alicia Koplowitz Foundation scholarships research

…ted request form corresponding to this call and is available on the website of the Foundation ( the endowment of each aid will be of a maximum of 50,000 euros. if finally granted for the development of the project, funding amount is less than the amount requested, the principal investigator is obliged to readjust economic memory to that amount. the amount of the aid will be distributed in the following way…

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Research grants for democracy

…between the global network of democratic activists. headquartered in the international forum for the study of democracy of the NED, the program offers an environment conducive to the exchange of educational and professional development. In addition, the Forum publishes Journal of Democracy, organizes conferences, and provides access to the library of NED. the program provides the support of a research assistant and facilitates activities so t…

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Scholarships for African Students at SOAS, University of London, 2017

SOAS, University of London is inviting applications for Allan and Nesta Ferguson Charitable Trust scholarships for African students.  Scholarships are provided in the field of African Studies, International Studies and Diplomacy and Social Anthropology of Development. The Ferguson scholarship is awarded on the basis of academic merit. Students offered a Ferguson Scholarship must take it up in the academic year 2017/18 and it cannot be carried fo…

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Scholarships in INE statistics

The order EHA 3181/2010, of 22 November, establishes the regulatory bases for granting by the National Institute of statistics (INE) of postgraduate fellowships in statistics. with this order, the Ministry of economy and competitiveness, through the National Institute of statistics, develops a grants program, through direct granting scholarships for the encouragement and promotion of statistical research, as well as the development and impleme…

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IV long-SEFAC scholarship for research in pharmaceutical care

LONG and the Spanish society of community pharmacy (SEFAC) convened a new edition of the long-SEFAC scholarship for research in pharmaceutical care. is the fourth edition of this scholarship, which aims to support and promote the development of the care pharmacy in Spain with research projects in pharmaceutical care. the call will remain open until 14 September 2012. the research topics of the projects who want to apply for the scholarsh…

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