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Grant Knight International journalism in Africa

The International Center for journalists (ICFJ) seeks outstanding candidates for the Knight International Journalism Fellowship in Africa. The objective of the project is to catalyze the media to provide news on health and development of high-quality and engaging the public through the use of digital tools. the project will take place in Kenya, Nigeria, South Africa and Tanzania. The duration of the fellowship is for one year, with possibility…

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Scholarship Foundation Atlantic Copper 2015

The Atlantic Copper Foundation is a non-profit that includes among its aims the promotion of the human, economic, social and cultural development of the province of Huelva, mainly through intellectual and professional training of young people with an adverse family, social or economic environment, through the award of scholarships or grants.   scholarships may be granted: to) students who are to begin their university studies. b) students…

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Economic and Social Council scholarships

…s and content digital. address of documentation: a scholarship. scholarship (D) for the accomplishment of studies and works of cataloguing, classification and indexing of documents, and maintenance of documental bases and development of content on the web «sites» of the Council. the amount of each scholarship will be 914,40 euros per month which shall be collected at the end of each month, being subject to the deductions that apply. schol…

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Scholarships for the mobility of artists and cultural managers

…cooperation. the goal is to put at the service of the cultural sector instruments of cooperation and Exchange to promote the knowledge of experiences, models and new methodologies for their specialization and professional development. the program will support projects, initiatives or cultural networks: to) require support for their creation and implementation underway; (or b) are already created and require support for their strengtheni…

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Scholarships Ph.d. United States

…ntry during the process of selection is taken into account: the relevance of the curriculum, the area and research project. The professional projection of the candidate to the interests and goals of academic, scientific and development of Colombia and its regions. The potential to make a significant impact, contribute to research directed toward solutions of problems and innovation, contribute to the development of curricula and academic progra…

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2012 Visual Arts scholarships

…them and open new strategies in the diffusion of art in its most immediate surroundings. objective Visual Arts scholarships Visual Arts Fellowships are intended to support cultural production and be a tool to facilitate the development of their own artistic projects to visual artists. Shall be assessed under these grants the ability to originate proposals, consistency and innovation projects, as well as the interest of the training to the OPTs….

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Scholarship research personal training

Announcement of a scholarship in training for research staff, development of the European Union research project called Fun Robotic Outdoor Guide (FROG). this scholarship aims the training and development of researchers through participation in contracts, grants or projects funded by public or private entities that allow the incorporation of a researcher who collaborate on tasks in the project. is called by the Pablo de Olavide University of…

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Scholarship Pablo Motos Spanish Federation of Cystic Fibrosis

…ship will be to develop a research project which will have a maximum duration of two years. staffing will be a maximum of 18,000 euros. 40% Of the total will be paid at the beginning of the project, 30% in the middle of the development of the project through the presentation of a report of the situation of the research and economic memory of this project presented by the researcher and the remaining 30% at the end of it, after the presentation…

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Eight scholarships for university graduates INAP

…search, training, dissemination of experiences and the conduct of studies and publications on matters related to public administrations. to adequately fulfill this function, with the aim of contributing to the promotion and development of studies and research, as well as training professionals on topics related to the action lines of the INAP, and given that there have been several casualties, either due to the end of its duration in the square…

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Scholarships to study languages abroad Madrid

The community of Madrid favors the learning of a second foreign language in the different stages of the educational system, both in the stages of infantile and primary education and secondary education, promoting the development of Spanish-English bilingual teaching in an important number of public schools, through the programme of schools public bilingual Spanish of the community of MadridHe began his career in the academic year 2004-2005 and t…

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