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Scholarship Foundation of osteopathy in Barcelona

celona, EOB. will be awarded a scholarship by course for the best academic record of the completion, on request. students new access will be able to access the scholarship of excellence aimed at students new access to the 1st course at the Master of osteopathy the EOB. The scholarship consists of the bonus of one of the quotas of course, valued at 1.222 EUR can be apply all those graduates and graduates in physical therapy who are enrolled…

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Fellowships courses One Year IED Madrid

The school of design IED in Madrid, with the cooperation of Sony, Vice Magazine and the Museo Thyssen-Bornemisza, announces three grants of 100% and three runners-up prizes of 50% for the One Year courses which begin in January 2015. The deadline to participate concludes October 28. Three courses scholarships subject are blended and line between January and July 2015 and another part between July and October 2015 are taught in Spanish, with a fa…

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Aid of the University of Navarra

…id. not already be in possession of an official university degree, unless you want to pursue a master’s degree. requirements academic 1) to first year university students: minimum average grade: 7 points between 1st and 2nd high school or, in the case of international students, between the last two years prior to the beginning of University studies. 2 ) for university students of higher grades: have successfully passed all credi…

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Instituto de Astrofísica de Canarias scholarships last year degree or master’s degree

The Canary Islands Astrophysics Institute (IAC) convened six scholarships for formative practices aimed at students in final year of degree or master’s degree. The scholarships will take place in the Area of teaching of the IAC and give scholars the opportunity to start in the astrophysics research. The lines of research in the IAC include theoretical and observational projects in Cosmology and Relativistic Astrophysics, Galactic and extra…

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IADE scholarships

IADE launches a contest of six scholarships to study one of the two university degrees, taught during the school year 2013 / 2014. is three scholarships to a degree in interior design and three scholarships to a degree in design from fashion Van aimed at students of 2nd year of high school or students in the last course of higher-level modules. interested in qualify for one of the six scholarships will, until June 14, 2013, submit the foll…

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Scholarship 6000

…and which belongs to families with modest incomes. La 6000 scholarship is intended for students who, after successful stage in the compulsory secondary education, chooses to remain in the educational system, enrolling first year Bachelor’s or Ciclo Formativo de Grado Medio. Also goes to the student body that promotes the second course of Bachelor, Ciclo Formativo de Grado Medio (including the period of training in work centers). provide…

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La Caixa scholarships for PhD in Spanish universities

…scholarships to study official doctorate which will culminate in a doctoral thesis reading in a Spanish University. the doctoral programme proposed must have the mention towards excellence. studies must begin the academic year 2013-2014 and, in particular, prior to the month of February of the year 2014. the call covers all areas of knowledge and is addressed to all those persons who meet the requirements for access to the doctorate and to…

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Arcs scholarship for first year students

For the second consecutive year starts the application process to the arcs scholarship, directed to students entering first year in the Professional Institute. this scholarship aims to support students in their dream of entering higher education and collaborates with the general offer of scholarships and credits available so that future students can finance his career arcs. La scholarship arches for first year students granted a discount of…

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Scholarships for courses above Chile

…mathematics) as score which was selected to enter the race. Meet the academic progress established, that for the purpose of the scholarship requires be approved, at least 60% of the subjects enrolled during the first academic year and for superior courses, 70% of the registered subjects of the previous year must be approved. Be studying the race within the formal years of this (declared in the academic offer of the institution). Have not obtained…

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Alcazar de San Juan scholarships for graduates or students of last year

The Town Hall of Alcazar de San Juan calls – through the Youth Department – the tenth edition of “Young Alcázar.” internship program “Transition to the active life” to encourage training and practical and professional expertise of the collective of graduates or students who are enrolled in their final year of College. this year the town hall offers 15 scholarships with a total renumbering of 600 euros and a…

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