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SBS Business School of the Year Masters Scholarships at Strathclyde University in UK, 2017

ould state which programme you wish to be considered for and should clearly articulate how you meet the scholarship criteria.  The essay title is “What are the key challenges and global trends facing business in your specific regions”. Candidates must also demonstrate through their ideas, experience and achievements that they are an excellent team player, with a strong vision for the future. Leadership/management skills or potential, overall qual…

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Postgraduate Scholarships for Students Sub-Saharan Countries at Addis Ababa University in Ethiopia, 2017

In-Country/In-Region postgraduate Scholarship Program at Addis Ababa Institute of Technology aims at the development of academically trained Railway specialists who could contribute towards the capacity building of East-Africa. Scholarship can be taken in the Ethiopia Applicants have to:- In addition, the applicant must fulfil the following to be considered for admission: Female candidates and candidates from less privileged regions or groups, a…

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Spain tourism practices abroad scholarships

ijing, Tokyo and Mumbai.   North America: Chicago, Los Angeles, Miami, Mexico, New York, Toronto.   South America: Buenos Aires, Sao Paulo.   funding: • Europe excluded Moscow 24,000 euros gross/scholarship. • other regions included Moscow: 31,000 euros gross/scholarship. in the amount of the grant included the travel expenses of return to the city of destiny, the accommodation, maintenance and displacement in the destination city, ob…

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NEF Research Grant Programme for Asia-Pacific Region, 2016

…Pacific region; be a researcher/scientist, who works full-time or is enrolled in a doctoral course, conducting research at a research institution or relevant organisation in one of the countries listed on Target Countries and Regions. English language Requirements: In order to be eligible applicants must be able to communicate in English. Application Deadline: Application deadlines are 18th April 2016 and 17th October 2016 which are twice a year….

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Scholarships for study in Chile

The scholarship program of the Government of Chile includes two modes: for postgraduate scholarships and fellowships for graduate programs. scholarships for diploma courses are those offered to involve foreign professionals offering highly specialized courses lasting between 4 and 6 weeks as part of the offer of training of human resources for foreigners of the Chile Government. scholarships for postgraduate courses are those that are orient…

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Grants from the Ministry of finance and public administration

…luded periods between publication of the public employment offer for each year and the realization of the last financial year or that would have been the Elimination of the successful bidder in this process. the granting of scholarships regulated by this order shall be inconsistent with any other aid granted by any Government or public or private, national or international bodies that had as purpose the replacement of wages not collected as a r…

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Youth in action 2013 scholarships

…ction program in the summer of 2013. the program is aimed at Mexican students enrolled in the first or second year of preparatory education in public institutions. In the case of private schools, applicants should check be scholarships for academic merit with a percentage of 70% minimum. objectives of the programme: promote youth leadership at local and regional level to form citizens committed to their communities. Strengthen ties between…

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Full PhD Position in Engineering at University of Bremen in Germany, 2017

…rticle systems. Qualifications The University of Bremen intends to further increase the share of women in academic employment; women are explicitly encouraged to apply. Applicants with a migratory background and international applications are highly welcome. Disabled candidates will receive preferred consideration over equally qualified contenders. The application should include a detailed CV and scans of the usual supporting documents along with…

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UNU-INWEH Masters Scholarships for Developing Country Students, 2016-2017

ips are awarded in the field of Integrated Drylands Management. The necessary course level: Scholarships are available for pursuing joint master’s degree (MSc) programme at United Nations University (UNU), Institute of Arid Regions (IRA) [National Agronomic Institute of Tunisia (INAT)], Cold and Arid Regions Environmental and Engineering Research Institute (CAREERI), the International Center for Agricultural Research in the Dry Areas (ICARDA ),…

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Scholarships Masters University of Navarra

The Santander group and the University of Navarra summon scholarships for students in each of the official masters that will be held at the campus of Pamplona, San Sebastian and Madrid at the University of Navarra during the academic year 2014-2015. grants cover 35% of the total cost of tuition for the master’s degree and are addressed to Spanish, European and Latin American students. In cases in which the master is more than a course,…

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