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Scholarships Hiberus Master Software Technologies Mobile devices

Universidad San Jorge publishes two scholarships financed by the Hiberus company to pursue master’s degree in Advanced Software technologies for mobile devices in the academic year 2012-2013, consistent in: 100% of the amount of tuition for the master’s degree. Development of extracurricular exercises in the facilities of the company by the students on scholarships during the period of April 1, 2013 until 31 December of the same ye…

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Specialization of breast cancer scholarships

…side outside the United States and made his specialization in 10 centers in the country from April 2016. during the four weeks of the program 20 scholarship recipients will receive training in surgery, radiological’s MOM, pathology, medical oncology, public health and design of clinical trials, among other topics. the programme will have a duration of four weeks in which 20 scholarship recipients will receive intensive training in surg…

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The OAS postgraduate scholarships

…e The Digital Tourism Business Communication Skills and Public Speaking Workshop Innovative Leadership Venture Capital Private Equity Project Finance Leadership and coaching (Coaching) Project management Innovation management Mobile Business Advanced Corporate Social responsibility program Executive Negotiation Workshop Innovative Leadership Leading Change & Innovation Effective Management for Security Professionals Corporate Finance Frug…

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Scholarships undertakes 2014

The IEBS business school launches a new edition of the innovative Idea contest. In the framework of undertaken scholarships, search for 24 projects of entrepreneurs that can provide a high degree of innovation in your area. the competition categories are: entrepreneurs, Marketing, Social Media, Mobile Business, eCommerce and logistics, free Software or human resources. The winners will enjoy a 100% scholarship to pursue a master’s degree…

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Scholarships for students with disabilities

…on of the community of Madrid, in accordance with the following criteria: Students included in the range of 33% to 49% of degree of disability must be enrolled in at least 30 credits or three subjects in the course of studies not renewed during the specified in the call. Students included in the range of 50% to 70% of degree of disability must be enrolled in at least 20 credits or two subjects in the course of studies not renewed during the speci…

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50 scholarships Ibercaja Benasque Brain Boost 2012

…sted in attending and to demonstrate skills, experiences, attitudes and collaborative spirit.  Scholarships include registration and are equipped with a maximum of 200 euros for accommodation and subsistence (displacement are not included). requirements of candidates Be between 18 and 30 years. Be pursuing a degree, vocational training, artistic or sports teaching of higher degree, master’s degree or graduate in any Center in Spain. You h…

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20 Structuralia OAS International MBA scholarships

…l cost of the program tuition. The costs of maintenance and hosting by 10 days in Madrid for the face-to-face sessions are included in the value of the program to be covered by the student. OEA‐Structuralia scholarship does not include fees for school services (certificates, certificates), costs of admission tests, costs of airfare for face-to-face classes, costs of books and corresponding study materials, legalization of documents, or any othe…

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