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LATE SHRI M. L. SOOD MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP Organised by Shaheed Smarak Trust, Jabalpur

trative management of the Scholarship will be done by the Department of Civil Engineering, Hitkarini College of Engineering and Technology, Hitkarini Hills, Dumna Airport Road, Tembhar, Jabalpur. All future correspondence may kindly be addressed to them.(b) The Department will maintain record of all the applications received for various years.(c) The Department will make all the necessary correspondence with the other institutes / eligible studen…

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The James Randi Educational Foundation Critical Thinking Scholarship Awards

The James Randi Educational FoundationCritical Thinking Scholarship Awards2009-2010 Academic Year AwardsHow to Apply and Criteria for Awards The James Randi Educational Foundation (JREF), will award up to $10,000 in academic scholarships this fall. The scholarships, in amounts of $5000, $2500, $1500, and $1000, may be awarded to deserving students in potentially any field of study, at the graduate or undergraduate level. A committee composed of…

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PhD candidate in Neuroscience at UvA :vacancy number 10-1077

PhD candidate in Neuroscience full-time (38 hours per week)vacancy number 10-1077 One of the main challenges in contemporary neuroscience is to unravel the neural correlates of perception and decision-making. Whereas neural activity correlated to perception has often been studied in humans using EEG or fMRI, very little is known about the collective behaviour of sensory neurons during the processing of perceived or unperceived stimuli. A novel t…

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Scholarships for postgraduate 2015-2016 to work on national heritage

In the Official Gazette of 31 January 2015 have been arranged six scholarships for postgraduate students, with an amount of 1,250 euros a month each, to develop their work in some of the delegations of the Board of Directors of national heritage. these six scholarships are distributed in six specialties grant number 1: information technology and communications grant number 2: relations and institutional communication grant number 3: desc…

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Scholarship Foundation Once opportunity to talent

…reign universities, improving their language skills and professional training. recipients: Students of degree or equivalent and master students, enrolled at a University abroad. amount: € 6,000 per pupil amount only. number of scholarships: 20 scholarships for postgraduate and master. target. Foster the training and specialization of University students with disabilities, to improve their employability and professional advancement….

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Scholarships for students with disabilities. Academic year 2009-2010

…ure of the applicant, together with the documents specified in article 6 of the present rules aimed at the General Directorate of universities and research, PREFERABLY in the register of the Ministry of education (Gran Vía)(, number 20, 28013 Madrid). However, also can occur in any other record, either in the community of Madrid, the General Administration of the State, other autonomous regions or municipalities adhered to the “C…

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Pure talent scholarships

…is that the video is uploaded to Youtube. those articles that exceed the revision by EEME and PuroMarketing will be posted along with the video in the digital journal (within the school blog). Articles that achieve a higher number of interactions in the form of comments and/or actions on social networks (retuits, likes, etc.) will become the final phase. the work of participants passing the final phase will be evaluated by a jury consisting o…

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PhD student position in Glaciology

…and the glaciology group page (http://www.geo.uu.se/glaciology/).For questions on the position, contact professor Veijo Pohjola, e-mail: veijo.pohjola@geo.uu.se. Union representatives are Anders Grundström, Saco-rådet, phone number +46 18-471 5380; Carin Söderhäll, TCO/ST, phone number +46 18-471 1996; or Stefan Djurström, Seko, phone number +46 18-471 3315.For more general information about graduate studies, how to apply and required qualificat…

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National Contest Golden Bee

…ientation arrow being the tip of flechala to mark the top of the photo. The registration form will be attached in the collection. works which carry some type of identification on the picture or on the back, as well as some kind of motto or title will be disqualified. after the failure of the national contest will start the social section of the prize for members of the AFGU, for which those who wish to participate in it, only should indicate…

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Round III of the Fund of entrepreneurs Foundation Repsol

…ores@fundacionrepsol.com which is accessed from the website of the Fund, all additional information that participants may be of interest to be valued in the whole of its proposal. a jury composed of independent experts in a number not less than 5, belonging to the founder group Repsol, academia, as well as any other experts in different disciplines, in all cases selected by the Fund of entrepreneurs, they will analyze the results of the evaluat…

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