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Beca BBVA AM in asset management

BBVA Asset Management is the management of investment funds and plans of pension of the BBVA group and stands as a global reference in the world of asset management, in the case of the management company number one in Spain and offering its services to more than one million participants, among whom are individual investors, companies and public institutions. this responsibility leads to compromising with the people and the society, with the in…

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Scholarships for International Undergraduate Students at Bournemouth University in UK, 2017

Scholarships are designed to reward excellence in all its forms, giving students additional support while they are studying at University. Bournemouth University is a public university in Bournemouth, Dorset, England, with its main campus situated in neighbouring Poole. The university was founded in 1992 as one of the new universities, however the origins of its predecessor date back to the early 1900s. If English is not student’s first language…

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Scholarship Aquae to Master in technology and water management

gement is open and ends on February 16, 2015, with resolution 19 February 2015. Access to this master’s degree graduates in scientific and technical careers, professionals in the field of integrated water management and public administration technicians who want to deepen their knowledge. Master in technology and water management is a program that has as main objective the participants to obtain an overview of the management of the integr…

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Fisheries management practical training for graduates College

ese rules by him. The amount that is paid to fellows in no case shall be considered salary or remuneration, but financial aid for training. 6. Also, participation in the program does not imply merit whatsoever for access to public service or the acquisition of an employment relationship with any public administration. features of the scholarships. 1. The duration of the fellowships will be one year, and may be extended up to a maximum of fo…

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Archival science scholarships and management documentary Constitutional Court

achelor degree after January 1, 2007. Be free from disease or physical defect that prevent the effective implementation of practices or have been separated, through disciplinary proceedings, of the service of the State or any public entity. will be preferred merits to assess: academic record of the person concerned. Specific training in the field of documentary and archival management: courses postgraduate, specialization, etc. Work experience…

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Course graduate management by projects in public areas

The General Secretariat of the Organization of American States (GS/OAS) and the Centre for development and technical assistance in technology for the public organization (Asociación Civil) – TOP offer scholarships to qualified candidates from the Americas to enrich their professional development. course graduate management by projects in public areas is intended to provide public administrators who must perform functions of political lea…

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Master’s degree in public management and leadership scholarships

The National Institute of public administration (hereinafter, INAP) has mandated, among other functions, the international technical cooperation and the training of public officials in other countries, especially the Latin American. Among other training actions, the INAP has organized in recent years, a master’s degree in administration and public management aimed at civil servants foreign, mainly American. the BOE has published the orde…

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Scholarships BBVA AM in management of assets 2014

Announcement of the third edition of the BBVA AM scholarship in asset management. These scholarships help student their incorporation into the Master in management of portfolios at the Instituto de Estudios Bursátiles (IEB), the leading official Center in financial training in Spain and Latin America, combined with an experience of six or twelve months of practice paid on the funds management of investment and pension plans of the Group BBVA….

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Document management and archiving in the Constitutional Court grants

University degree after January 1, 2009. c) be free from disease or physical defect that impede the effective realization of the practice or have been separated, through disciplinary record, the service of the State or any public entity. also be taken into account when selecting the candidates: to) have a good academic record. b) specific document management and archival training: courses postgraduate, specialization, etc. c) experienc…

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Master of research in management scholarship

The Faculty of management of the Universidad de los Andes approved six half tuition scholarships to support students academic achievement who wish to plan their professional future and take advantage of the benefits afforded by this master, including the possibility of entering directly to doctorate in administration after finishing the master, and the high projection and labor demand that will have its graduates in the public and private sector…

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