procurement training by esami 2013

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Grant collection Patricia Phelps de Cisneros

…develop networks. The travel period is between three weeks and three months, and may occur between May and November 2013. The scholarship will cover expenses up to $10,000. guidelines to apply for a scholarship can be found by visiting the website of ICI. Independent curators and those with an institutional affiliation may apply. Applications of curators with established careers and those emerging (3 + years of professional experience) will be…

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Scholarships for autumn University of Cadiz courses seminars

…the maximum for this section will be of 2 points). Please note that only those courses that relate to the topic of the seminar is bareman.  seventh.-the scholarships resolution will be personally communicated to applicants by email.  listing of seminars for which is can apply for scholarship 20, 21 and 22 November E01 aspects legal and health in situations that affect the lower E02 energy certification of existing buildings 25, 26 a…

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Mutua Madrileña Foundation postgraduate scholarship

…scholarships must be son of mutualista, natural person who fulfils at least 20 years old at the time of the request and to keep that fact during the term of the scholarship; be in possession of the corresponding title issued by a Spanish University or be able to prove it before July 10, 2013; not graduating prior to 4 years, at the time of making the application; full knowledge of the language or languages in which go to develop studies; have no…

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Bags of travel University of Alcalá

…hing or research activity or present the results of previous work. the travel bag maximum staffing will be 300 euros per applicant and them 1,000 euros will be allocated, maximum. In the event that the activity to be shared by several students, a travel bag, which can be enjoyed by any of the signatories or by two or more dividing the total amount of the aid shall only be granted. not more than one bag per person per year shall be granted, an…

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Scholarships of the higher College of Santa Cruz accommodation

The Alfonso Martín Escudero Foundation Announces 10 scholarships for students of the University of Valladolid. The purpose of these scholarships is to stimulate professional learning and other values of culture and University coexistence, through the residence of fellows in the college major of Santa Cruz, founded in 1483 by the cardinal Mendoza; a centuries-old five-time institution, of great historical significance in the University and the ci…

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Scholarships for summer courses in Germany for Colombians

…sities for undergraduate and master’s degree students enrolled in a University. The courses will have a duration of four to six weeks and will be conducted in the summer of 2013 (May to September) at universities chosen by the DAAD. Summer courses offered by universities are found on the website: courses eligible for this call for DAAD scholarship are marked with a special symbol of round shape and dark. these sc…

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Travel studies and practices in Germany foreign students

The German service of academic exchanges (DAAD) subsidizes travel of studies and practices for students in the Federal Republic of Germany for groups of foreign students under the direction of university professors. the objectives of these grants are, on the one hand, the transmission of knowledge of specific subjects by means of visits and briefings (study tours) and, on the other hand, the realization in the University area of practices rela…

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Scholarship 18 VRAEM

Announcement of 500 Pronabec bursaries for the districts of the VRAEM involving 13 institutes and 14 universities. The requirements are as follows: having completed secondary education in a public educational institution, scholarship or special case with other educational institutions by Convention. Be less than 22 years of age as of December 31, 2013.    Having entered and not having started studies in the following educational institutions o…

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Scholarships to study for people unemployed in Spain

Mapfre Foundation made an extraordinary call for 300 scholarships to facilitate access for people unemployed in Spain who wish to incorporate e-learning courses of specialization in insurance, management of risks, prevention and environment in the promotion of October 2013. the grant will cover 100% of the registration fee. the persons concerned must be filled in the application for admission “Special scholarship for unemployed”…

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Citizens of the Invisible faculty 2015 aid

In the past six years University enrolments in Spain have increased by 45%, while the amount of the scholarships has been reduced by more than 21%. European countries with excellent education such as Germany, Denmark and Norway systems, enjoy free registrations; a situation that contrasts with the Spanish reality, where more than 70% of the University must pay his studies without receiving any aid from the State. this policy of cuts and increa…

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