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Support for archives in Spain, Portugal and Latin America

Mapfre Foundation has decided to promote, on a biennial basis and through its Institute of culture, the Mapfre Foundation support for archives in Spain, Portugal and Latin America. Podran choose Help files and other institutions, public and private, depository of funds or documentary collections of historical character and interest to the research of the history of the countries of Latin America, Portugal and Spain. As “funds or documen…

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Teaching staff mobility and researcher University of Valencia

The European Union lifelong learning programme includes, within the action of mobility Erasmus, a specific action for the mobility of the teaching and research staff of higher education institutions. Action offers to the teaching and research staff the possibility to study teaching at an institution of higher education that is part of the lifelong learning programme and is partner of the University of Valencia. In this way, promotes the exchange…

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Five scholarships masters in evaluation and management of the Cultural Heritage

The University of Salamanca, in collaboration with the Foundation Villalar Castilla y León, on a competitive basis, summons five fellowships for studies corresponding to the own title of this University Master in assessment and management of the Cultural heritage. Podran to obtain these grants those applicants who meet the following requirements to the date of expiry of the deadline for submission of applications: • possess Spanish nationali…

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Scholarships for research on cancer in Lyon

Convened the scholarships for the 2013-2014 Cancer Research in Lyon (France) to young scientists engaged in research in medicine and related sciences, and who wish to pursue a career in the research of cancer, that have doctor’s degree or are in their final phase of ending it. have a duration of two years, starting in November 2013 and are convened by the international agency on the investigation of the Cancer (IARC) of the world of the…

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Vulcanus in Japan scholarships

The Vulcanus program consists of industrial internships by students of the EU. It starts in September and ends in August next year to adjust to the academic year in the States members of the EU. students carried out a seminar a week in Japan, an intensive course of Japanese for 4 months, and an internship in a Japanese company for 8 months. applicants must be national EU, University students from the third year or post-graduate, of the branc…

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Grants A Coruña Fundación Repsol refinery

Repsol refinery to Coruna-fundacion grants are intended to encourage studies of vocational training among residents in the municipalities of La Coruña and Arteixo. La Fundación Repsol and the Repsol refinery in A Coruña awarded scholarships for the academic year 2013-2014 in the forms of electricity and electronics. mechanical manufacture; information technology and communications; installation and maintenance; or chemistry. will be awarded…

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Centro de danza Karen Taft scholarship

The centro de danza Karen Taft convened hearing of nine scholarships for the academic year 2013-2014, with three seats for each subject of classical, Jazz and contemporary. applicants should have two years of experience as a minimum in dance, and the classic between 18 and 25 years. It is essential to have attended a minimum of a month of classes at the Center and commit themselves to collaborate with him. for one of these scholarships must…

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Jorge Herreros Martínez for the Skidmore College Scholarship

Under the agreement signed between the University of Alcalá and the University of Skidmore College (United States), the Vice President of international relations it organises a competition to fill a scholarship for study at the University of Skidmore College. requirements: to) be enrolled in the University of Alcalá as a student of 1 St, 2 nd or 3rd cycle in the academic year 2012/13. b) very good knowledge of English language. Applicants…

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Grants constitutional right Master CEPC

8217;s degree in constitutional law that gives the center of political studies and constitutional (CEPC) in partnership with the UIMP. the aid, according to the mode in question, will include registration, an initial amount for costs, maintenance, as well as a health and personal accident insurance policy. The aid will be incompatible with other aid or grants for the same purpose. addition to the specific requirements of each mode, may be tho…

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Scholarships for master’s degree and courses of photography and photobook

At the IED in Madrid are betting on new talent. For this reason, they want to that you formes with prominent referents and theoretical international photography through training programmes bilingual level, designed for enthusiasts of the lens like you. The deadline to participate in the competition for these grants is September 10, 2012. practical and innovative. So are the programs offered by the school of design IED in Madrid. And, in additi…

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