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Grants Institute of statistics and cartography of Andalusia

Approve the regulatory basis for the provision of scholarships by the Institute of statistics and cartography of Andalusia, in the areas of statistics and cartography, including the following lines: to) training of research staff scholarships. b) fellowship training in the area of public statistics and cartography. c) research grants in the area of public statistics and cartography. in this way, summon scholarships for training in the ar…

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2016 PhD Fellowship in Cellular Stress Signaling at University of Copenhagen, Denmark

University of Copenhagen is pleased to offer PhD fellowship in Cellular Stress Signaling. Danish as well as international applicants are eligible to apply for this fellowship. The aim of my research group is to understand the molecular details of these pathways, with an emphasis on MAP kinase induced cellular stress responses. The university main objective is to provide high quality, comprehensive educational and training opportunities that are…

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Grants of CONACYT and the DAAD 2015

The National Council for science and technology (CONACYT), in collaboration with the German service of academic exchange (DAAD) call for Mexican citizens wishing to conduct studies of doctorate or master’s degree in Germany quality programs, to participate in the selection process to obtain a scholarship. to be eligible for this scholarship, you must be one of Mexican professionals that wish to make or are already doing postgraduate stud…

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President of the Republic 2014 scholarship

The Ministry of education of Peru through the national programme of scholarships and educational credit (PRONABEC) announces the scholarship of the President of the Republic aimed at the realization of postgraduate studies (master’s or doctorate) in institutions of higher education in Germany, Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Spain, United States, France, Holland, Mexico, New Zealand and United Kingdom to master&#8217…

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Scholarships USA 2015-2016 Coruña in the world

City Council of Coruña, through the Department of education, sports and youth, calls the Coruña program worldwide: scholarships USA 2015-2016. is an educational initiative whose objective is to facilitate students registered and enrolled at City Hall learning and the acquisition of the English language in a situation of language immersion in United States by providing, at the same time, deep knowledge of U.S. culture. this educational progr…

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Superior Council of sports postdoctoral fellowships

The Superior Council of sports summons two scholarships for the theoretical and practical training postdoctoral fellow in the activities carried out in the Centre of sport medicine of the General Sub-Directorate of health and sport: – physiotherapy unit. Doctors in medicine, physical therapy, or science of physical activity and sport. – rehabilitation unit (laboratory of strength). Doctors of medicine, Sciences of the physical ac…

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PhD, postdoctoral studies, research and development in Quebec

Excellence FQRNT scholarship for PhD, postdoctoral studies, research and development of Mexicans in Quebec (Canada) are called. scholarships are funded by the Research Fund of Quebec – nature and technology (FRQNT) and include the areas of knowledge of science, applied science, technology, engineering, social sciences, humanities and art (except language learning). scholarships for international students (V) and/or Mexicans (M) schol…

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LabEx Postdoctoral Position for Strengthening Urban Policy Mobility, 2016

LabEx DynamiTe invites applications for a postdoctoral position to undertake a research project on “The International Circulation of Urban Policies and the Making of Contemporary Cities: Safety and “Sustainable” Urban Planning in Southern Cities. Host laboratories are PRODIG (Pôle de Recherche pour l’Organisation et la Diffusion de l’Information Géographique – UMR 8586) (2 rue Valette – 75005 Paris). The research objective is to explore how publ…

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LabEx DynamiTe Postdoctoral Position on Environmental Activism, 2016

LabEx DynamiTe invites applications for examining issues within the Île-de-France region to develop a map of environmental activism. The position is available to undertake research project on “Environmental activism: forms of activism and socio-technical sharing platforms”. The prime objective of this research project is to renew reflection on civic environmentalism by examining how these local forms of activism reconfigure the ways in which cit…

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Scholarship training agro-food industry

The Ministry of livestock, fisheries and Rural development of the Government of Cantabria summons, in regime of competitive competition, a scholarship or individual financial support for practical training and specialization in the area of the food industry, with technical content described in the second base. Studies and work carried out will be exclusive property of the Ministry of livestock, fisheries and Rural development. the purpose of…

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