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Scholarship training portal ARASAAC

who are pursuing a second Bachelor’s degree in computer science or engineering cycle. They must not corresponding to degree, engineering, degree or masters degree. Applicants must have passed the first complete cycle or at least 45% of the credits of the second if is engineering or Bachelor’s degree in computer science, or 180 credits for degree students in computer science. Interested parties must submit the application which is in a…

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Individual grants for attendance at training of the teaching staff of non-university educational institutions in the field of management of the Ministry of education

…y, except for the activities initiated by April 3 whose term will expire on that date. Call convocatoria:Texto: official call document.Date of publicación:02 of March of 2010Solicitud:documentación required: request completed at Headquarters electronic of the Ministry of education programme of activity (can be included in the electronic application itself in the case of using the telematic register of the Ministry of education). Once granted…

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Avila Financial Aid Programs, USA

…l Avila financial aid is renewable as long as a student is enrolled full-time, meets renewalcriteria and/or continues to demonstrate financial need.Academic Merit AwardsThe value of an academic merit scholarship is determined at the time of a student’s admission to the University.  Students may qualify for only one of the following academic merit schoarships, but may also be awarded aid from other programs to assist with financing an Avila…

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Aid for the attendance of students at the UBU to congresses, conferences and seminars

The Vice President of student employment and University extension, University of Burgos Announces aid for students who wish to attend conferences, congresses, seminars or training or cultural field activities by national agencies that occur outside of the city of Burgos and within the national territory.Collaborate in expenses caused by the assistance to the various educational and cultural activities by national agencies, as wel…

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2012 Call r & d grants for the integration of researchers in productive centres and research centres

…; 50% by the European Social Fund under objective “Competitiveness Regional and Empleo” for the period 2007-2013 through the program operating in the community autonomous of La Rioja, which includes actions aimed at developing human potential in the field of research and innovation with the development of innovative business projects and training of researchers and technicians support within the “priority 3 – increase and…

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Postdoctoral Positions in Adaptive Immunology, University of Salzburg – Austria

The Department of Molecular Biology at the University of Salzburg, in collaboration with F. Hoffmann-La Roche Ltd., has a 2-year postdoctoral position (with the possibility of extension) available within the Postdoctoral Fellowship Program sponsored by F. Hoffmann-La Roche, Ltd.. The position is to study regulatory T cell mediated tolerance. This exciting project will give the successful candidate the opportunity to perform basic research at the…

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Leonardo 2010 scholarships. Work experience in Europe for young architects

Agency convocanteColegio officer of architects of MadridPrincipales requisitosEstar admitted to the COAM and be young architect Duración26 weeks. Mobility period: from May 3, 2010 to May 20, 2011DotaciónGastos of displacement, the costs of accommodation and meals for the entire stay, including further training and travel insurance in languages at the level of solicitudHasta profesionalPlazo on May 30, 2010Lugar of disfruteEmpresas and of…

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Bags of travel University of Alcalá

It is to make a public call for travel bags for graders or not renewed equivalent studies (Bachelor degrees, engineering, diploma, etc.) registered in the present academic year at the University of Alcalá, and to participate in international mobility actions during the year 2013. grants are intended to finance travel and/or registration and subsistence expenses to present papers, communications, posters or other contributions in conferences, s…

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The Portuguese National Science Foundation (FCT) opens annual calls for application for PhD Scholarships

Several national and international institutions offer PhD Scholarships to national and international students, which can be used to finance the attendance of the PDEEC course. A short list is presented below.FCT (Funda??o para a Ci?ncia e a Tecnologia)The Portuguese National Science Foundation (FCT) opens annual calls for application for PhD Scholarships. The scholarships are usually annual, and extendable up to four years.The scholarships are f…

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First scholarship of walkers Otramérica production: because count is another way to walk

15 December 2011 requests: If you are interested in sending your proposal must submit: a. narrated description of the trajectory, General information and relevant aspects of the profile of the person who applied. You must attach, at least two works (in any language) that show the narrative style. (2 pages maximum). b. motivation (two pages maximum): why you want to do this project? What causes you? what looks to be your learning and what we…

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