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16th scholarships of the REAP for research in primary care

 The Spanish network of primary care (REAP) opens its scholarships to present research projects. the award is subject to the following conditions: the research topics of the projects who wish to apply for aid focus, will be planned, developed and applied in the field of primary health care in Spain. principal investigator, and the majority of the members of the research team, should actively work in primary care in Spain. Will be valued po…

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Alicia Koplowitz Foundation scholarships research

Alicia Koplowitz Foundation offers eight grants to research, for projects that will be developed within a maximum period of two years. They will be preferential lines: autism, schizophrenia, affective disorders, attention disorders and hyperactivity, food disorders and neuropharmacology in childhood and adolescence. grants research are directed to research teams that develop their project in hospitals, universities, or Spanish research centres…

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Celiac research grants

The national program for detection and Control of celiac disease along with the National Health Commission investigates convene the presentation of research projects on the theme “Celiac disease”. Two research projects which each shall consist of four scholarships will be selected. the aim of these grants is to strengthen research into celiac disease as part of the activities being conducted the national programme. this call is i…

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Juan San Martin Scholarship research

The Town Hall of Eibar, in collaboration with the Basque Summer University, calls a research grant, with the aim of promoting research in euskara and pay homage to the vascologo and Eibar researcher Juan San Martin. areas of research are the San Juan Martín cultivated throughout his life: anthropology, Linguistics, philology, toponymy, philosophy, literature, Botany, art, history, journalism, Ethnology, mountaineering and law. In the call fo…

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Scholarship Mapfre – Fundación Reina Sofia research Alzheimer’s

Scholarship scholarship Mapfre – Fundación Reina Sofia 2012 – 2013 for stay of six months, renewable for a similar period (maximum, 12 months) for participation in the program of research, Department of pathology and Psychiatry, Alzheimer completo Disease Center of the NYU School of Medicine, New York (Prof. B. Frangione). Join a research project on mechanisms of Neurodegeneration and dementia. stay includes a magnificent opportuni…

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Program Seed Money Grant in Switzerland

The Secretary of State for education, research and innovation in Switzerland, through the Federal Polytechnic School of Lausanne, invites all researchers who are linked to a public university or Research Institute, to submit proposals for research to the program “Seed money grant 2015”. the purpose of this program is to support bilateral research cooperation through the financing of research projects. The projects will start in Sep…

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Grants research Fundación Alicia Koplowitz 2015

Alicia Koplowitz Foundation announces seven research grants for projects that will be developed within a maximum period of two years. These grants are directed to research teams that develop their project in hospitals, universities or research centres in Spain. there will be a single principal investigator Spanish in all cases, linked to one of these centres during the two years of the duration of the project, and that will be the only recipi…

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75 Aid research prevention, health, environmental and insurance

Fundación Mapfre Announces 75 research grants in order to facilitate financial support for research projects in the following areas: health (45 AIDS), prevention and environment (20 aid), and insurance (10 AIDS). areas and topics on which must be research projects are as follows: health orthopedic surgery, Traumatology and rehabilitation Damage to brain and spinal cord (excluding neurodegenerative) Assessment of bodily harm Health manageme…

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Scholarship Research Psychiatry of children and adolescents

Alicia Koplowitz Foundation announces seven scholarships to research for projects that will be developed within a maximum period of two years. Four grants will be for projects in the area of adolescent psychiatry and three for projects on neuroscience in the child. the research grants are directed to research teams that develop their project in hospitals, universities and research ventros Spanish. There will be a single principal investigator…

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Unesco-Keizo Obuchi Fellowships

The Government of Japan offers 20 scholarships to candidates from developing countries, especially the least developed countries, wishing to carry out research on one or more of the topics listed below. Scholarship aims to support postgraduate research innovative and imaginative in four areas of development of particular interest to UNESCO. the program is addressed to researchers of graduate with a Bachelor’s degree or master’s deg…

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