ogdcl training merit list 2013

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Scholarships for artists UNESCO-Aschberg 2014

…program of fellowships UNESCO-Aschberg since 1994 is part of the strategy of promoting cultural diversity and intercultural dialogue of UNESCO. It aims to offer new experiences to young artists and help them to complete their training in other countries that is not yours. the artistic disciplines in which fellowships are granted are: creative writing, music and Visual Arts. These three areas cover driving artistic specialties of the creative in…

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Peking University scholarships

…y 2013). Stakeholders must comply without exception with the following performance calendar: 18 January 2013: at 12.00 hours the application deadline closes. 21 January 2013: at 12.00 hours will be published the provisional list of admitted and the list of alternates. An informative email will be sent to all applicants. Opens a period of 24 hours so that students admitted confirm your place by email (iconfucio@ugr.es). 23 January 2013: at 12.00…

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Scholarships Master education emotional, Social and creativity 2013-2014

…he selection process, adjudication and payment. photocopy of D.N.I. I shelter have completed the pre-registration at the University of Cantabria. Complete notes of the first course. The official academic record, being valid listing of notes that can be found at the University of Cantabria is not necessary. Curriculum Vitae in single-sided. Explanatory statement that the candidate believes that it should receive the scholarship. Requests that do…

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Scholarships for training in the service of museums 2012-2013

p.Have not enjoyed previously scholarships of formation of the Government of Navarre in museums, libraries or Archivos.Criterios evaluation for fellowship training in the service of museums 2012En review and assessment of the merits, this Commission assessment may advise requesting reports as it deems necessary and shall propose the granting of the grants for training in the 2012-2013 museums service to persons who obtain the highest score in acc…

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Scholarship 6000 2013-2014

Announcement of the 6000 scholarship for students who enroll in the studies of first or second course of Bachelor or first or second course of formative cycles of average degree of initial vocational training in educational institutions of the autonomous community of Andalusia for the school year 2013-2014. to be the 6000 scholarship recipient will need to meet the following requirements: to) participate in the general call for scholarships…

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La Caixa scholarships for PhD in Spanish universities

…his amount includes the compensation of the fellow, contributions to Social Security in which the University has to incur and additional provision, each year for supplementary expenses as: the amount of tuition, complementary training, books, software, subscriptions, registration papers or travel and insurance. the amount of the grant shall be paid directly to the University, which must fully allocate the amount received to cover the remunerati…

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Internationalization scholarships 2012-2013

The Spanish Institute of foreign trade (ICEX) convenes the internationalization scholarships 2012-2013, aims to train professionals specialized in enterprise internationalization. candidates for these scholarships must demonstrate a vocation and training directed towards the development of their professional career in aspects relating to the business internationalization and international trade. They must also possess capacity and sufficient a…

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Getty Images photo Editorial 2013 fellowships

…ic relevance. some of the winners in previous grants have been Bharat Choudhary “The Silence of ‘Others’ “, Paolo Marchetti by “FEVER – The Awakening of European Fascism”, Sebastian Liste for “The Brazilian Far West” or Kosuke Okahara by “Fragments/Fukushima.” All of them got both funding and Executive orientation of the project by editors of Getty Images photos and the opportuni…

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Grants for training and specialization at the Instituto Cervantes, 2012-2013.

…the first place. Applications should be accompanied: (a) copy of the academic degree required and certified transcript. (b) curriculum vitae, with a maximum of three folios, accompanying copy the documents showing the alleged merits. (c) Annex III summary of academic merit. (d) Declaration, according to model which is attached as annex IV, be informed the payment of Social Security and tax obligations and not suffering from disease or physical de…

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Centro de Investigaciones sociológicas 2013 postgraduate scholarships

the aforementioned authority or officialdom employment relationship, nor imply any commitment regarding the subsequent incorporation of the person concerned to the same template. requests are formalized in the model that is listed as annex I, shall be addressed to the President of the Center for sociological research and may be given in the General registry of the Centro de Investigaciones sociológicas (calle Montalbán, 8, third floor, 28014 Ma…

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